The Power Episode 5 Recap: Scarlet Minnow

Prime Video’s ‘The Power’ heightens the tension in its fifth episode, with women all over the world getting the power of electricity at their fingertips. Following in the footsteps of the previous episode, regimes are threatened, and oppressors are overthrown in this chapter of the story. The gradual shift in authority starts to show as men feel threatened by this new normal. It is a glimpse of what is to come, the power the women in the show will enjoy, and how it will put them and everyone else in danger. Here’s what the events of this episode mean for the future of the characters. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Power Episode 5 Recap

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Taking a break from the upheavals in the lives of Allie and Roxy, this episode focuses on the arcs of Margot, Jos, and Tatiana. In Carpathia, the growing power of women has started to cause trouble. The President, Viktor Moskalev, becomes hostile. He funds research to have the skein removed from women who have EOD. He wants to know if something can be done to curb this development of power. If not, he is ready to shoot every girl who has it.

While no other country funded the horrific research, everyone buys its results because they all have the same thing on their mind. Rob is approached by someone in the government. They want him to create a drug that can suppress the skein. While they are not physically removing the organ, they are considering something equivalent to chemical castration. Rob doesn’t want any part of it, but when he shares the news with Margot, he realizes that the government, including Margot, doesn’t care about the girls.

By speaking openly about EOD and the girls’ safety, Margot becomes the face of the movement. This also makes her a target of a misogynist conspiracy theorist, Urbandox. She doesn’t take this anonymous threat seriously, but she doesn’t realize how close to home Urbandox’s ideologies have gotten. Her son, Matty, follows the conspiracy theorist along with nine million other people.

The Power Episode 5 Ending: How did Margot and Tatiana Get EOD?

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In Carpathia, Tatiana notices a shift in the air. Her husband, the President, who was feared and considered absolute in authority, is beginning to lose his grip. If the women on the street don’t march on him, his own men might. Tatiana knows this is her chance to seize any semblance of power she might get. For this, she needs EOD, but the task is difficult because almost all women have been barred from entering the palace. Eventually, she finds someone and forces them to activate her skein, giving her the power that will change everything.

Unbeknownst to Tatiana, her younger sister, Zoia, is held captive by human traffickers and several other women. They notice that their captors have stopped bringing in younger girls. Because they’ve been cut off from the world for such a long time, they don’t know what’s going on out there, but eventually, they figure it out. The only chance they have getting EOD is through the deaf girl who brings them food. It takes just one girl, and soon all the women have the power. Soon enough, they kill all of their captors and run away.

In Seattle, Rob is haunted by the research, its findings, and what the government intends to do with it. When he tells Margot about it, and it looks like she will not do anything, he leaks the news. Meanwhile, he also starts to question Margot’s intentions about supporting EOD. For someone so openly supporting it, she doesn’t express as much concern as Rob expected when he told her about the research and how their government might be involved. This leads to an argument between them, which is the first crack in their marriage. With Margot’s political ambitions rising, it will only further the divide between them.

The divide also appears between her children. After getting electrocuted by Jos, Matty lives in fear of women. He starts following Urbandox, as it is his only source of comfort. He starts deviating from his mother’s ideologies because she is the ally of the very thing Matty and other boys and men like him are afraid of.

Image Credits: Katie Yu/Prime Video

Realizing how distant she has grown from her children, Margot tries to patch things up with Jos. The conversation leads her daughter to open up about her fears and how they have disappeared ever since she got her power. Margot relates to what Jos used to feel and wants to understand what her daughter feels now. She asks Jos to activate her skein so that she can know exactly what she and the other girls are going through.

At the end of the episode, three main characters get EOD. They are placed in different positions of power. Margot is in the most privileged position of the three. She is in the government and can at least change things in her city. Tatiana is the wife of the President, but she has no power. Now, she is in the position to become the most powerful woman in the country. Zoia, on the other hand, had nothing. She was utterly helpless, held captive by people exploiting her and other girls like her.

Now that all of them have EOD, we’ll see how the power affects people in different rungs of society. Their pre-decided positions become crucial in the way they will handle their rise to power. The most oppressed will be hungry for revenge and rage, and with Tatiana on the throne of Carpathia, the country might soon witness something like what happened in Riyadh. The reunion of the sisters, Tatiana and Zoia, might also affect the country’s situation.

Meanwhile, Margot has to be very careful about her power. While she is advocating for EOD, people like Daniel Dandon feel like they are being backed into a corner. What is this means that their power and influence will be taken away from them? Groups like Urbandox are already establishing their foothold to fight against women with EOD to restore the “normal” order. What will that mean for Margot and girls like Jos? Only time will tell.

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