The Power Episode 6 Recap: Sparklefingers

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In the sixth episode of ‘The Power,’ tensions flare as the people opposing EOD and the new order of things resort to violence. Those who must stay calm and composed in public find other ways to outcast women with the Power. Mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez finds herself in the line of fire as she shoots for the stars when it comes to her political ambition. However, this creates further conflict for her family. By the end, Margot gets a glimpse of what the future might look like for her and her family. Here’s a look at the events of Episode 6 and where the show is headed for its next three episodes. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Power Episode 6 Recap

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After having her skein activated by Jos, Margot feels a new surge of energy in herself. She feels younger and lighter, and more powerful. All the hate mail she receives from her opposers, most of whom are followers of Urbandox, does nothing to scare her or make her reconsider her plan of action. However, it does affect her marriage. Following their argument in the previous episode, Margot and Rob have not been talking to each other.

He feels she is not the same person anymore and has become more focused on her political ambitions. She feels that he betrayed her trust by leaking the report about the skein experiments in Carpathia, jeopardizing both of their careers. While Rob might have done it out of the intention of doing something good, someone else has made it their mission to ruin Margot’s political trajectory. Michael Dandon suspects Margot has EOD, so he declares a statewide health emergency where people are checked for EOD. This is his ploy to push her out of office.

Meanwhile, after the events in Riyadh, Tunde takes a break and goes home to attend his friend’s wedding, where he reconnects with Ndudi. He reads the article by Declan about the skein experiments in Carpathia, putting the country next on his itinerary. Roxy faces a hard time at home after Terry’s death. She refuses when Bernie asks her to use her power to scare a man into paying them.

The Power Episode 6 Ending

Image Credit: Katie Yu/Prime Video

The sixth episode of ‘The Power’ gives more space to the Cleary-Lopez family and shows how divided the world has started to get in the mere months since the arrival of the Power. Margot is attacked from every front. On the professional front, Michael Dandon is scared of her growing popularity in political circles and is ready to do anything to ruin her. He makes it mandatory for government employees to test for EOD.

His main goal is to use this to find out whether Margot has it, and if she does, he’ll remove her from the position as the mayor of Seattle before she can make any move against her. Margot knows she is Michael’s target and cannot fail the test. Experience has taught her how to control her emotions, which she taps into to save herself. When she passes, she is so riled up that she challenges Dandon and decides to run for the Senate. She hadn’t planned it initially, but now, she is ready to fight him.

Once again, Margot makes a decision that will affect her entire family without consulting with them. She still hasn’t told Rob about her EOD because she wants to keep it a secret until the elections. She doesn’t want to put him in a position where he might have to lie to her. However, excluding him in the decision to run for Senate further sours their bond. Rob feels that Margot’s actions, especially her vocal support for EOD, have put their family in a difficult situation.

When Margot reveals that she will be running for Senate without having consulted about it with Rob, he finds it more irresponsible on her part to put their family in further danger. His point is proved when an Urbandox supporter shows up on the day she publicly announces her candidacy. He burns himself alive in front of her. This happens when her whole is in the room with all the people who have come out to support her. It shows how easy it is to get to her and her family.

Considering the fan following that Urbandox is amassing, Margot must prepare for another such attack. However, this time, the attacker might be more intent on harming them than himself. What’s worse is that her son, Matty, is also one of the people who relate to Urbandox’s teachings. Ever since Jos electrocuted him, he has harbored a dissent that he feels he is not allowed to voice. He, and many other men, believe that the male voice is not heard anymore, that the world is upside down, and it should go back to being the way it was.

What makes things interesting in this episode is the revelation that Ryan has a skein too. He tells Jos about it, revealing that he was born intersex, which means he has a higher estrogen level than regular men. Due to this, he has a more potent skein, which was activated when Jos accidentally jolted him while touching the locker. This means that there might be other men who have EOD. If not that, then at least they have skein, which isn’t activated as easily as in women.

The reasoning behind how the skein works and why it’s so prominent in women remains a mystery that hasn’t been answered conclusively. So, what happens if one of the men who follow Urbandox gets this power? Will they use it to create havoc, or will it make him more sympathetic to the cause supported by Margot? Or, will they become outcasts, not accepted by other men because of their EOD, and not accepted by women because they are men? With this, the episode expands its grounds and shows how we’ve barely scratched the surface of the world being built in ‘The Power.’

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