The Power Episode 7 Recap: Baptism

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In the seventh episode of Prime Video’s ‘The Power,’ titled ‘Baptism,’ the women finally start to make a move for the power. It’s not a protest or a revolt anymore; it is straight-out war. Moving at a steady pace, the show takes measured steps to keep us in touch with the developments on several fronts, but by the end of this episode, it hints that things will escalate soon. The tension starts to bubble as women with the power plan to usurp the powers that held them down for so long, while the ones who oppose this new world order start to get more aggressive. Here’s what the events of this episode mean. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Power Episode 7 Recap

Roxy Monke is one of the most powerful ones when it comes to controlling electricity, but she knows that a lot of other girls aren’t on that level yet. She decides to cash in by teaching them how to control their power. She also makes a social media account, which is used by girls like Jocelyn to learn self-defense and how their power can give them an edge over their opponents.

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Bernie knows that the existence of the power means that he will need to have a woman in charge of the organization to stay in touch with the times. He had planned to divide things between his three sons equally. Now that Terry is dead, he is considering giving his share to Roxy, but he needs to know that his sons can work with her and vice versa. This gives rise to tension between her and Ricky.

Tunde arrives in Carpathia and meets with Declan, who sends him to interview Zoia. Tunde discovers that Zoia and other women have cleared out villages and built their stronghold. They have driven out men, turning them into refugees. Meanwhile, Viktor Moskalev’s men develop a tracking device to track a woman’s whereabouts and whether or not she used her power. This is much cheaper than throwing all the women in the country into jail, so Viktor takes to the idea. The first woman to get the tracker is Tatiana.

Jos is traumatized by the incident at the press conference and has permanent security assigned to her. While she processes it and learns to have better control over power, Ryan expresses his feelings in a romantic gesture. Matty witnesses him using his powers and makes a video, which, when released, is sure to cause many problems for Ryan.

The Power Episode 7 Ending

With the first season of ‘The Power’ coming closer to the finale, the show gets more tense as women make the move to assert control. Things have already started to change in Carpathia, where Zoia and other women have not only freed themselves of sexual slavery but also marked a territory of their own. Their hatred for men is not a secret, and Declan comments that this is where women have men for breakfast. Tunde wonders whether it’s a statement or just a figure of speech, especially when Zoia offers him a piece from her plate.

Zoia wants to send a message to her sister, Tatiana. A change is coming, and she needs to decide where her loyalties lie. This means that Zoia and her army will not stop at the few villages they have overtaken. There are women all over the country who have been stuck in a cycle of violence and abuse, and no one came to save them, even when everyone knew what was happening to them.

Now that Zoia has the power to change that, she is not going to stop. She has been the woman who needed help and never got it. The scene between Zoia and Tunde also shows the latter a mirror. Tunde tells himself he is doing important work by documenting the rise of women, giving them a voice to tell their story to the world. In reality, he is just another person profiting from the chaos.

While Carpathia stands on the verge of a war that will break out soon enough, Eve makes a move to forge a new path for herself. She has already established herself as ‘the miracle girl,’ but it is not enough to own the place. She watches the news and discovers how to get the power she desires. She cannot get it by hiding away with the nuns and other girls in the church. She needs to spread her word, and that’s where social media and the news channels come in. If Urbandox can get followers like this, why can’t she?

Eve is prompted to take a step further when Savannah tries to kill herself. She has a daughter who was separated from her after Savannah accidentally gave her an electric shock. She blames her skein for this and is looking for a way to get rid of it altogether. She goes as far as to cut it out of her body, but when she fails, she decides to end her life. Eve saves her just in time, and later that evening, the women, including the nuns, share their stories of being abused and the subhuman treatment they received at the hands of the people they thought would help or protect them.

By now, Eve knows that the women have become disillusioned by what they were told to believe in and want something new to have faith in. Eve can be that, but she needs to do it now when there’s still a void. If some other figure comes around to fill it, she will never be able to make the world she wants. She leads the women into the water and baptizes them using her power. They don’t know that Eve is doing all this with the same electricity that runs in them. She is no different, simply more aware and in control of her power than they are. But when they involuntarily go into the water, they feel the presence of God. Eve gives them something to hold on to, something to believe in. In turn, the women will accept Eve as the messenger of God, if not God herself.

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