Netflix’s The Rain Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘The Rain’ is a post-apocalyptic drama that tells the story of a deadly virus that falls upon people in the form of rain. It is highly contagious and anyone that comes in contact with it, either through the water or through another infected person, is sure to die within minutes of exposure. In this scary premise, we find two siblings, who are stranded in a bunker by their father, a scientist who is trying to find a cure to the problem.

The story also reels in other survivors and expands the prospects by bringing in an evil organisation called Apollon, who turns out to be the mastermind behind the whole end of the world debacle. The show keeps the audience on edge with its shocking twist and turns, but it also engages us with some very beautiful shots of the country. If you want to know where ‘The Rain’ has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is The Rain Filmed?

While most post-apocalyptic stories exaggerate the scale of destruction to the entire world, Netflix’s ‘The Rain’ is very limited about how it wants to project the end of the world to its characters. It walls them into a specific location, which allowed the production to find the right places for its filming. Because the series is Danish, it is mostly filmed in Denmark, with a portion of it filmed in Sweden.


Set in Denmark, ‘The Rain’ begins by quickly demarcating the boundaries for the characters, every step of the way. The first episode begins with Simone and Rasmus being held in a bunker by their father, where they spend the next six years of their life. Several other bunkers also appear along the way as Simone and Co. try to find food, medicine, and shelter for themselves, along with some clues about her father and Apollon.

For all these scenes, a single set was used. The crew erected a complete bunker, with a keen focus on its architecture. All the bunkers that appear in the show are the same one that has been redecorated to make it look like the characters are in different places.

When Simone and Rasmus finally get out of the bunker, they find out that civilization as they knew it is gone. The group that they join advises them to stay out of the main roads, especially the city. They soon find out the reason behind this when the rest of the survivors turn out to be a very violent lot. Because most part of the story takes place in the forest, the production used the forest region to give an authentic character to the story. In fact, in preparation for it, the cast had to go on a survival trip for 24 hours into the forest where they had to learn all the tricks that would keep them alive in case they are ever stranded alone in the world in the wake of an apocalypse.

The journey of Simone and Rasmus takes a decisive turn when they reach the Apollon Headquarters. The lavish building is beautiful to look at, but also gives off the vibe of the sinister organization that operates through it. The scenes regarding the headquarters have been filmed in the Maritime Museum of Denmark. Established in 1915, this museum focuses on the shipping history of Denmark, but puts on the show of Apollon while filming for ‘The Rain’. In the show, the building is shown to be surrounded by cliffs on both sides, giving it more of a feeling of the place that you can’t escape from. These cliffs were added through CGI.

In the second season of the series, Rasmus runs away with Sarah and they end up in an abandoned amusement park. The shooting for these scenes took place at Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park. Created in the 16th century, the park has a wooden roller coaster, sitting on which Sarah contemplates killing herself, which was first opened in 1932. Fortunately, the place is not as decrepit as it appears in the show.

Apart from this, the show also utilizes several other locations in Denmark, like, Søllerød, with some scenes being filmed in Sweden as well.

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