The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Release Date and Spoilers

As the reunion specials took off with this week’s episode, Erika poured her heart out while holding a defensive ground throughout the episode. She didn’t utter anything that could be considered problematic or scandalous, so the drama ignited from a different source. Garcelle also received a fair share of the spotlight, but not without ruffling a few feathers. You can go through the highlights laid out at the bottom to know what the latest episode revealed. Now, here’s what we know about the second part of the reunion special of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 11!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Release Date

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 11 episode 22, i.e., Reunion Part 2, is slated to release on October 20, 2021, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The four-episode long series of “Reunion” specials is slated to finish airing on November 3, 2021.

Where to Stream The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Online?

Fans can watch ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 11 Reunion Part 2 by tuning in to Bravo at the date and time mentioned above. If you have a cable connection but somehow miss the original broadcast, you can catch up on the latest episode on Bravo’s official website using your service provider login ID. You can also go for live-streaming options available on platforms such as Hulu+Live TVDirecTVSling TVYouTube TV, and Fubo TV. In addition, it is possible to buy or rent the episodes on VOD services like Amazon Prime VideoiTunesGoogle PlayMicrosoft Store, and Vudu.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Spoilers

The second part of the reunion series, titled ‘Reunion Part 2,’ will undoubtedly delve into Erika’s scandalous marriage with Tom Girardi. Although she might choose not to disclose information that she deems too personal, Andy will not hold back with his questions. He will most certainly attempt to know more about their legal situation as well. Moreover, Lisa and Garcelle might finally become friends, but Dorit might still have her doubts about warming up to Garcelle. There is a fair chance we might see Sutton and Erika butting heads again, considering how they never officially called off their feud.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion Part 1 Recap

Episode 21 of season 11, titled ‘Reunion Part 1,’ started the four-part long reunion specials. Ahead of the session, Lisa gave Erika a heads-up regarding the other women turning against her. As the session began, Erika kept a brave face and announced that she wanted the victims of Tom’s alleged legal controversies to receive a decent compensation. However, Erika also said that the viewers are clueless about certain parts of the story that only she has access to. Erika’s attorney also advised her to exit the show, but she decided to stay back because the show is her primary source of income.

The next person to talk was Sutton, who was mad at Lisa for insulting her business. Moreover, Sutton is dating someone new, which visibly irritates Erika. Garcelle, on the other hand, still felt left out. The tension increased further when Garcelle accused Dorit of calling her a bully. This was followed by Andy bringing up Garcelle’s miscommunication with Lisa throughout the entire season. Someone had told her about Lisa being disappointed over Garcelle addressing racial problems in the show.

According to Garcelle, the lack of trust between her and Lisa was a big issue. The latter seemed ready to mend things with her, but when Dorit tried to intervene, Erika cut her off, and the result led to another argument. The next big revelation came during Kathy Hilton’s entry as she became a full-time member of the cast. Andy finally pushed Erika to reveal that her marriage with Tom fell apart three seasons ago, probably because he was seeing someone else! Such an ending could mean there is more to be addressed regarding Erika and Tom’s relationship in the upcoming episode!

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