Where is The Right Stuff Filmed?

‘The Right Stuff’ is a period drama television series that chronicles the expansive and impressive journey of the real-life Mercury Seven, who went on to become America’s first astronauts. Starring in this production is Patrick J. Adams and Jake McDorman. If you’re wondering about the locations that were used to make this epic story come alive on the small screen, then we have got you covered!.

The Right Stuff Filming Locations

The space series was extensively filmed in Florida. Talking about the filming process, the producer Llewellyn Wells, stated, “The Space Coast is such an important character in our actual story. Being able to shoot parts of ‘The Right Stuff’ series in some of the places that the events actually took place is invaluable. It will lend levels of authenticity and a sense of place that we simply can’t capture any other way.”

Florida, USA

A notable filming location for ‘The Right Stuff’ is the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Although Mercury Mission Control had been destroyed a decade ago due to environmental concerns, the team still felt elated about being present on location for the shoot. Furthermore, Launch 5 Complex at the facility was also used for filming a few scenes. In fact, many on the team appreciated this once-in-a-lifetime experience, including the Emmy-nominated production designer, Derek Hill.

There were around 35 sets that had been spread across two stages, including John Glenn’s home and the office for Robert Gilruth. Moreover, Robert Yowell, who once worked as a space shuttle flight controller and even consulted on the show, stated that the Air Force cooperated greatly with the team. In fact, they were allowed to look at the original set up, which further instilled in them a particular wonderment and appreciation for the Project Mercury missions. It was, after all, the real deal.

In one of the first moments in the show, Glenn and Shepard share a meal. This particular scene was filmed on a set in Orlando. Apart from this, Schwab’s Pharmacy, an ice-cream shop in Universal Studios, was also used for shooting some scenes. Its exact address is 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando. A tweet pointed out that the landmark dive bar, Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors, was also used for filming ‘The Right Stuff.’ It is situated at 1001 N Mills Ave, Orlando.

There are other locations in and around Central Florida that appear on the list of filming venues. One such site is Sidney Fischer Park, and it is located at 2200 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach. Apart from this, Tampa and the Orlampa Airfield were also used for the shoot.

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