The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Perfect Hidden Justice

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 10 titled ‘Perfect Hidden Justice’ Rishia continues to practice hard as she is desperate to become strong driven by the haunting memories of the past. Meanwhile, Filo and Melty embark on a journey to level up after being ordered to do so by the Shield Hero himself. When Naofumi learns about Bow Hero’s whereabouts, he along with his comrades plans to meet him. But little do they know that Itsuki is currently operating under the influence of a well-known manipulator, who has always complicated the Shield Hero’s life.

Naofumi Learns Itsuki Whereabouts

Rishia trains hard alone and gives her best in each session determined to become stronger so that she can prove herself when the opportunity presents itself. However, deep down she is driven by some very personal life experiences. It turns out that Rishia was expelled from the Bow Hero’s party after being accused of wrongdoing. Interestingly, Itsuki then pointed out that she is weak, which continues to trouble her to this day. Despite being treated unfairly, she is still quite loyal to the Bow Hero and hopes to someday express her gratitude by helping him.

Meanwhile, Gaelion and Filo are having an altercation about taking the responsibility to carry Naofumi. When the Shield Hero notices them, he reminds Gaelion that he has been grounded, while Filo is informed that she will level up soon. She is quite excited about it and even asks Melty to accompany her. But it seems that Melty is not really interested as she claims to be busy with other work. Filo tries her best to convince her but the princess remains adamant. Later that day, Naofumi informs Melty in front of the villagers that she is going to embark on a long journey with Filo, where the two of them will level up. Naturally, she does not like the idea as her opinion is not even considered before arriving at the decision.

Despite her reluctance, Melty has to eventually agree to go with Filo. In her absence, Eclair is given the responsibility of the lord of the village. The Sword Hero offers to help her when she shares her dissatisfaction. S’yne returns from the colesium around the same time and gives Naofumi a ton of money that she has earned. While talking about her experience there, she mentions a bowman named Perfect Hyde justice and Rishia immediately realizes that he must be Itsuki.

Rishia Plans to Help the Bow Hero

In order to have a conversation with the Bow Hero, Naofumi and his comrades head to the colesium. This also offers them an opportunity to test how good the training has been for the people of the village as they can compete there. When they are finally there, Rishia notices Itsuki. She runs after him and realizes that the Bow Hero appears to have changed a lot. After getting the permission, she tries to have a conversation with him. But to her surprise, Itsuki is lost in his own thoughts and appears to not even notice her presence in the room.

The Bow Hero continues to mutter something to himself and suddenly punches Rishia before walking away from the scene. The Shield Hero is furious and confronts his former comrade. Itsuki finally notices Naofumi and the two have an argument. As he finally speaks his mind, Itsuki leaves everyone is shock by revealing that he is currently in touch with Malty. It turns out that he suffered public ostracization and embarrassment after losing against the Spirit Tortoise. It was a life-changing experience as he was overcome by a desperate desire to prove himself which slowly turned into a toxic obsession.

Itsuki found some emotional stablity by being around Malty. But little does he know that she is just using him. Naofumi and the Sword Hero warn him about her manipulative tendecies but he refuses to listen to anything. Later that evening, the Bow Hero competes in the Colesium and easily wins the fight. He then meets Malty and others to share the money he has earned. It seems that Itsuki is still somewhat driven by a desire to fight for the greater good, but Malty is secretly sabotaging his efforts. In order to save him, Rishia plans to have a one-on-one fight with him. Although Naofumi is intially reluctant, he eventually gives her the permission to follow her heart.

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