The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Justice Vs Justice

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 11 titled ‘Justice VS Justice,’ Itsuki loses his composure when he notices that Naofumi is present in the coliseum during his fight. The Bow Hero goes on to accuse him of deceiving people around him to take advantage of them. While Itsuki does not take his fight with Rishia seriously and even refuses to pay attention to her, she is determined to prove her worth and unbeknownst to her old master is no longer just a pushover. When the two of them finally engage in battle, Itsuki immediately recognizes that Rishia is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with him.

Rishia Fights the Bow Hero

As Itsuki walks out for his fight, he tells himself that he is not falling behind others and will prove himself by saving a lot of slaves after he wins the prize money. As he finally reaches the battlefield, he finds Rishia waiting for him in the middle. She thanks him for everything he has done for her and tells her old master that she will save him now just like he saved him before. Itsuki can’t help but laugh arrogantly at the suggestion that Rishia is capable of rescuing him for anything. In fact, he does not even feel that he needs any kind of help.

Naofumi’s comrades are offended by Itsuki’s dismissal of Rishia and start shouting back at the Bow Hero. As they manage to catch his attention, Itsuki notices the Shield Hero and loses his mind. He calls him manipulative and vows to prove to him that he is the right one. Without any care for other people’s safety, he shoots a bow in Naofumi’s direction. Naturally, the Shield Hero manages to defend himself but Itsuki goes on to accuse him of using the demi-human slaves under his care for making money. Although Naofumi tries to defend himself, Itsuki has no patience to listen to anything he has to say.

Ultimately, Naofumi is annoyed by Itsuki’s accusations and inquires why he does not take the blame for the death of his comrades and other innocent people after he failed to defeat the Spirit Tortoise. The Bow Hero is infuriated that Naofumi is not taking ownership for the wrongdoings while completely avoiding any kind of instrospection himself. He then goes on a rampage even resorting to use the Curse Series’ power. Rishia has already started engaging him in a battle at this point and is doing so well that Itsuki is taken aback by her attacks. However, the Bow Hero is still arrogant and does not feel that she poses any threat.

Itsuki Is Betrayed By Malty and His Bow

Rishia eventually loses her weapon and even though Naofumi throws his sword in front of him, she refuses to use it. The attacks that follow hurt her and Itsuki asks her to accept her defeat. Interestingly, she refuses to give up. Just when Itsuki decides to go for a final attack, a stream of pure power from his bow ends up in Rishia’s hands. It turns out that even Itsuki’s bow has given up on him and is supporting Rishia so that she can defeat him. She uses the stream of pure power to unleash a flurry of attacks on the Bow Hero following which he is left defeated on the colesium ground.

Even at this point, Itsuki refuses to accept Rishia’s kind words of support and immediately starts looking for Malty with the hope that she will be there for him. But when he eventually reaches the house, he is shocked to learn that everyone has already left. Naofumi and others arrive there soon afterward and read Malty’s letter in which she admits that she has just been using Itsuki so far. Interestingly, he has left a massive debt in the Bow Hero’s name before running away. At this point, Itsuki does not know what to do and collapses on the ground. When he finally wakes up, he finds himself in Naofumi’s village where Rishia takes care of him. The Shield Hero is happy that his comrades have finally regrouped. He hopes to do the final stage of preparations as the time for the Pheonix’s revival approaches.

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