The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: The Operation to Capture the Spear Hero

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 4 titled ‘The Operation to Capture the Spear Hero,’ Naofumi is summoned by Mirellia Q Melromarc. She requests him to persuade the Spear Hero to fight for them before the Phoenix revives. Following her instructions, the Shield Hero leaves his village to go and look for Motoyasu Kitamura in the city. That’s when he meets Elena, who informs him how Spear Hero’s downfall began right in front of her eyes. The same evening, Naofumi finds the Sword Hero at a nearby tavern. But when he tries to persuade him, Malty S. Melromarc intervenes and tries to trick the Sword Hero by lying to him. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ season 3 episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Naofumi Looks for the Spear Hero

Since the Phoenix is about to revive, Mirellia Q Melromarc is concerned about the well-being of her people and fears the worst possible outcome. In order to make sure as many lives are saved, she summons the Shield Hero for an urgent meeting. When they meet, Mirellia informs him about the current situation of the other heroes. Some of them can’t be traced at all, which creates a huge problem. Mirellia feels that in the present scenario, the best option for them is to just pursue Motoyasu, the Spear Hero. Because of the past incidents, Naofumi is not really thrilled about working with other heroes, but he knows that the situation demands that he put his ego aside and work for the greater good.

That’s exactly what the Shield Hero does and returns to his village. After thinking deeply about his strategy, he leaves the village with Raphtalia and Filo. In the town, the Spear Hero has been looking for his comrades for a while now. He finally sees Elena at a shop and tries to convince her to join again. But she refuses the offer and even humiliates him. Interestingly, the Shield Hero arrives at the place just then and notices Motoyasu. But when he tries to talk to him, the Spear Hero flees. Naofumi then talks to Elena and learns that Motoyasu wanted to defeat the Tortoise on his own to make a name for himself and get all the credit.

But when he and his company tried to fight, it soon became obvious that Motoyasu overestimated his powers. They were defeated and wounded badly following which everyone lost their faith in the Spear Hero. After learning about Motoyasu, Naofumi visits a nearby tavern where he finds the Sword Hero. At the time, Filo and Raphtalia are also with him but it seems that he wants to talk to his old comrade alone. The Shield Hero sends his friends to keep looking for the Spear Hero and in the meantime, he talks to Ren Amaki.

The Sword Hero Refuses to Work With Naofumi

The Shield Hero orders food and sits down with the Sword Hero so that they can understand the present situation. They first start by talking about Ren’s attempt to fight the Tortoise with his comrades. It turns out that every single person with him that was there, died a cruel death right in front of his eyes. The Sword Hero not only failed to defeat the beast but also lost every comrade in the battle. The incident appears to have left a profound psychological effect on him as he seems quite depressed. Noafumi understands his situation and offers his support. He asks him to reconsider his present stance and join him in fighting the Phoenix that is about to be revived.

It seems as if the Sword Hero does not have much of a problem fighting alongside Naofumi to defeat the Phoenix. But their discussion is interrupted by Malty, who reminds Ren about her allegations against the Sword Hero. Naofumi loses his cool as he reminds Ren of the court’s decision that went in his favor. Malty lies that everyone colluded against her to steal her throne. She then goes on to lie about the Spear Hero sexually assaulting her. Ren is convinced that Malty is right and attacks the Shield Hero. He then flees from the tavern. Although the Spear Hero offers to join Naofumi later that evening, the Shield Hero refuses to work with him because of his perverted attitude towards Filo.

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