The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: The Murder Clown Helps Naofumi

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 5 titled ‘Each of Their Paths,’ Naofumi and his comrades are ambushed by a group of mysterious men while returning to the village. Interestingly, Murder Clown somehow appears there at the right time and helps them fight back. On Rapthalia and Filo’s insistence, the Shield Hero lets her come to their village where she finally tells her story. Later when Naofumi is alone, Eclair approaches him with an important intel. During her investigation of nearby villages, she learned that a group of bandits have been active in the region lately. She feels that it will be a good idea to go after them just to test their strength.

The Murder Clown Tells Her Heartbreaking Story

The Shield Hero with his comrades tries his best to convince the Spear Hero and the Sword Hero to give him their support as the Phoenix is about to revive soon. Unfortunately for Naofumi, Ren easily gets manipulated by Malty S. Melromarc into thinking that everyone has been colluding to take the throne away from her. To make matters worse, the Spear Hero agrees to work with the Shield Hero but his motivations are so perverted that Naofumi has to reject his offer. Disappointed that they failed in their mission, they decide to return to their village.

On the way, Naofumi and his comrades are suddenly ambushed by a group of mysterious bandits. The Shield Hero along with Rapthalia and Filo fight back expecting that they will easily overwhelm their enemies. But strangely, the bandits are far more powerful than they had thought and managed to overwhelm the Shield Hero. Eventually, it is Rapthalia who manages to land a fatal blow to one of the attackers. To everyone’s surprise, the Murder Clown appears there all of a sudden and starts fighting for the Shield Hero. She easily manages to take out the rest of the bandits allowing Naofumi to return to the village.

The Shield Hero is still skeptical of the Murder Clown who then reveals her name to be S’yne Lokk. She explains that the bandits that they fought were actually working with the heroes who destroyed her world. It turns out that she has put a magical pin in Naofumi’s clothes, which explains how she manages to track him down. S’yne Lokk reveals that she does not wish to see any more weapon wielders to be killed and expresses her desire to work with him. It seems that the Shield Hero becomes a bit less skeptical about her but he still does not openly show trust in the Lokk for now.

However, S’yne starts living in the same village with other slaves that the Shield Hero has freed. Meanwhile, the people in the village have worked hard on their combat skills and managed to convince Naofumi to help them level up. The Shield Hero takes them to the two for the same purpose. Interestingly, Atla also shows remarkable recovery and learns some defense techniques. Fohl has also made a lot of progress in the meantime but continues to be overprotective of his sister.

The Shield Hero Goes Hunting For Bandits

Later that day, the Shield Hero expresses his confusion to Eclair about the next hunting adventure as he is unsure what to target. That’s when she tells him about one of her recent investigations where she learned that the Spirit Tortoise destroyed a facility killing many people when it was on the move. It turns out that there were a few survivors who actually belonged to the Three Heroes Church. Naofumi inquires if those were the men who recently attacked their village.

Eclair is unsure and reveals that there is not enough information to conclude that the two events are related. However, she does tell Naofumi that she has interviewed people in the region and learned that there are active bandits that have been causing problems recently. Eclair tells the Shield Hero that they can hunt these bandits the following day. Along with Fohl, Rapthalia, Filo, Atla, the Shield Hero sets out to find these bandits. But he accidentally comes across the Sword and the Spear Hero fighting each other in the middle of nowhere.

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