The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Where You Point Your Strength

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 6 titled ‘Where You Point Your Strength’ Ren puts his trust in Malty S Melromarc despite her dubious past and eventually pays for his stupid decision. To make matters worse, he is ambushed by bandits and when he tries to seek help, everyone turns their back against him for not standing up for them as one of the chosen heroes. The Sword Hero is so infuriated that he vows to become the strongest and ends up walking a very dangerous path that could potentially cost him his life.

The Sword Hero Vows to Become the Strongest

Ren recalls his days in the human world when he used to live a very isolated life, playing games alone in his room. Most of his classmates barely ever talked to him. When he is summoned to the parallel world as one of its powerful heroes, Ren becomes overconfident. One of the reasons that allows him to take things lightly is the fact that the new world he now inhabits appears to closely resemble a game world that he knows really well. Because of his powers and similar gaming experience, Ren does incredibly well and manages to impress a lot of people with his skills.

The Sword Hero’s overconfidence spurs him as he decides to defeat the Spirit Tortoise without the help of the other heroes. Unfortunately, this finally gives him the reality checks he needs as most of his party members are brutally killed. Despite losing them, he continues to shift the blame on the weaknesses of his comrades and does not at all try to introspect or take responsibility for his failures. He grows bitter and slowly fades into insignificance. When the Shield Hero finally meets him, Ren is still unwilling to change his ways.

To make matters worse, just when Naofumi is trying to convince him to join his people to fight against the Phoenix, Malty is right there. Although Ren initially does not trust her when she starts crying, he cannot muster the courage to question his intentions. He ends up getting fooled by her as he steals his equipment and runs away. When he finally goes out of the hotel room that day, he is attacked by bandits. Ren forcefully enters a house and explains his situation afterward. But the woman there refuses to let him stay and blames him for turning his back on the village when the people needed the hero the most.

The experience changes Ren’s outlook as he continues to get bullied even afterward. He ends up using the Cursed Series to get access to dangerous abilities. The Spear Hero confronts him right in front of the Shield Hero and blames him for planning an attack on his village with the help of bandits. Ren does not defend himself against the accusations but instead relentlessly attacks everyone there as if he is overcome by a dark desire to become the strongest at any cost.

Eclair Defeats the Sword Hero

Eclair has been watching everything from the sidelines until she realizes that she can handle the situation. She asks for Naofumi’s permission to fight Ren alone. Although the Shield Hero allows her to take a shot, everyone is skeptical as they know that defeating a hero is going to be an uphill battle for someone like her. Eclair brilliantly defends himself from Ren’s attacks and starts to directly question his true intentions. When Ren reveals that he wants to be the strongest, Ecalair expresses her dissatisfaction with the answer. She is adamant and wants to know what is truly moving Ren to commit such heinous acts.

The Sword Hero then argues that he wants to become the strongest to defend everyone as the hero. Eclair again questions his true motives arguing that the mission assigned to him as a hero is not something that encapsulates his deepest personal desires. Her questions appear to slowly awaken Ren who is overcome by the Curse Series’ dangerous effect. Eventually, Eclair brilliantly ends the battle, waking the Sword Hero up from his maniacal state. When the group is then ambushed by the bandits, the Spear Hero singlehandedly kills them. It appears that Naofumi now has the support of both the heroes and will have a much easier time fighting the Phoenix.

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