The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 12 titled ‘The Ones We Must Protect’ Naofumi and his comrades learn the Way of the Dragon Vein magic so that it can be used against the Pheonix when it revives. However, their preparation is tested much in advance as the village suddenly gets attacked by dangerous assassins for some mysterious reason. As the battle ends, Naofumi realizes that only one person knows the truth behind the attack but is completely unprepared for the truth that he then discovers.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Finale Recap

After a long day of practice for the battle against the Pheonix that is expected to revive in about two months now, Rapthalia and Galion fall asleep. Naofumi and Sadeena are also with them and it turns out that they have been learning the Way of the Dragon Vein. Sadeena uses this chance to inquire what the Shield Hero really feels about Rapthalia. Since she has been like her family, she tells him that she is okay with him marrying her. Naofumi tells her that she just sees Rapthalia as a daughter and there is nothing going on between them.

The following day, Rapthalia’s miko dress finally arrives and Naofumi asks her to wear it. Soon the kids from the village arrive there as well and show their excitement. They too wish to see her in the dress as soon as possible. But Rapthalia is unsure and feels shy as she sees an unexpected look in the Shield Hero’s eyes. While she is gone, he discusses other matters with Elhart. When Rapthalia eventually returns, everyone is in awe of her natural beauty and can’t seem to take their eyes off her.

The kids express their awe along with Naofumi. Rapthalia is still unsure why it’s so important to the Shield Hero. Meanwhile, Atla-san points out that she gets all the attention and expresses her jealousy with Rapthalia. Elhart plans to go see Tolly and check on him. But Naofumi offers to let him stay in the village if he wants. Elhart seems unsure but welcomes the proposal. Soon after getting her outfit, Rapthalia goes back to training. She wastes no time in trying to get used to the miko dress so that her performance in a battle is not affected. Since the Phoenix is about to revive, it makes sense that everyone is so serious about the preparations for the oncoming battle.

Elsewhere, Naofumi goes back to doing paperwork for the day with the help of Eclair. That’s when he learns that Motayashu is gone somewhere. The Shield Hero does not appear to worry much as he probably feels confident in the fact that the Spear Hero is busy training and is not wasting any time. Interestingly, Ren and Itsuki are in the village. Naofumi is happy with the ongoing preparations and seems very optimistic about the future. But little does he know that danger lurks around him as evil forces are just waiting for a chance to pounce on him and his people.

When Sadeena returns after fishing and sees her, she is infuriated for some reason and asks her to change it immediately. But before she can do so, the villagers are surrounded by assassins from all sides. The battle is intense and the killers are really tough. To make matters worse, Naofumi realizes that they are particularly immune to the hero’s powers. Therefore, he is forced to use the Way of the Dragon Vein. The coral magic confuses the assassins following which Naofumi and his comrades easily win the battle. But the fight raises more questions than it answers. Since Sadeena reacted awkwardly to the dress and had asked Rapthalia to change it as soon as she saw her, it appears that she may have some answers. So, everyone gathers in a house later that evening to discuss the strange incident. But like Naofumi, no one is really prepared for what they discover.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Finale Ending: What is Q’ten Lo? How is Rapthalia Related to it? Why Did the Assassins Attack the Village?

Following the attack, Naofumi asks Sadeena what she has been hiding in the presence of everyone. She finally reveals that Raphtalia was actually born into the noble family of Q’ten Lo. Since it makes her eligible for the position of Heavenly Throne, she has been under constant watch ever since she was born. In Q’ten Lo, the miko outfit is only worn by the Heavenly Princess only, so Raphtalia wearing it is nothing sort of a declaration of war for the kingdom. This is why the assassins immediately attacked and tried to kill her.

It turns out that her parents have left Q’ten Lo because at the time there was a constant struggle for the throne going on. They had no interest in power, so they moved to Melromac. Meanwhile, Sadeena followed them determined to protect them wherever they went. But when the Waves of Calamity finally hit, she was actually in the sea and was unable to reach Rapthalia and her family in time. The Shield Hero listens patiently to the whole story and realizes that Q’ten Lo’s rulers are evil.

How Does Naofumi Intend to Answer Q’ten Lo’s Murderous Plans?

After arriving at the conclusion that Q’ten Lo has been watching Raphtalia even before she was born, it is quite evident for the Shield Hero that they do not have her best interests in their hearts and are only using the miko outfit as an excuse to kill her. This will ensure that there are no threats to the throne of Q’ten Lo’s Heavenly Princess. Naturally, Naofumi finds their action unforgivable as they never tried to help Raphtalia when she was a slave but have jumped on the first excuse they could find to kill her. Furthermore, he also finds it quite insulting that they never tried to send messengers first, which also goes against all traditional wisdom.

It appears that Q’ten Lo does not even see Melromac as a kingdom worthy of respect. Taking all this into account and much to Sadeena’s shock, Naofumi decides to visit Q’ten Lo and if the situation demands, he is going to crush them. He later meets Mirellia Q Melromarc, who assures him of all the support he needs. The following evening, he heads to Siltvelt to catch a ferry to Q’ten Lo, determined to make them give Rapthalia the respect she deserves.

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