Where is The Secrets She Keeps Filmed?

While class may divide us among other things, there are various facets that are universal about the human experience. One of them is certainly motherhood. In fact, that is something that is common amongst multiple species. Several shows and movies have a strong theme of motherhood which resonates with most audiences due to its universality. Well, ‘The Secrets She Keeps’ is an Australian show that also has a similar theme.

The show is based on a novel of the same name by Michael Robotham. Robotham’s tale, in turn, is based on a shocking true story. The plot revolves around a couple of pregnant women from completely different walks of life: Meghan and Agatha. Meghan is a well-to-do influencer who is married to a sports reporter. One day, she runs into Agatha at the supermarket. Agatha works as a shelf stacker. She is also pregnant but the father of the child is a sailor and is not aware of her pregnancy.

Despite belonging to completely dissimilar backgrounds, the one thing that the two share is explosive secrets. Their respective secrets can destroy their respective lives. The characters of Agatha and Meghan are essayed by Laura Carmichael and Jessica de Gouw respectively. Other cast members include Michael Dorman, Ryan Corr, Cariba Heine, and Elizabeth Alexander.

The Secrets She Keeps Filming Locations

‘The Secret She Keeps’ is set in Sydney. The show depicts the Australian city rather holistically. That is, it does not depict just the “good part” of the city. Since both the central characters belong to two different classes, two different sides of Sydney are portrayed. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the show is filmed. Is it actually shot in Sydney where it is set? Or has it been filmed elsewhere?

Sydney, Australia

Filming for ‘The Secrets She Keeps’ was actually carried out in Sydney. That is how the show manages to present the city authentically. Long Gully Bridge, for instance, can be spotted in the title sequence. Apart from that, filming was also undertaken in Centennial Park frequently. This is where Meghan hangs out with her mothers’ group in the beginning. To be more specific, filming took place around Vernon Pavilion.

Next, St Ives is where scenes set in Meghan’s house were filmed. The western suburbs is where scenes in Agatha’s house were shot. Shooting was also carried out in Sails on Lavender Bay Restaurant on 2 Henry Lawson Ave in McMahons Point, Dulwich Hill, and the Blue Mountains.

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