The Seven Deadly Sins Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2: Mysteries of the Chaos Staff Unveiled

Based on the ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2’ or ‘Nanatsu no Taizai: Ensa no Edinburgh Part 2’ is a high fantasy action-adventure anime series. Developed from an original story by Suzuki, the second part of the two-part film continues the story forward from where it ended in the first film. Tristan, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth, discovers the fairy companion of his adventure is none other than Lancelot, the son of Ban and Elaine. Together, they take on Deatrhpierce, the former Holy Knight turned the grudgeful King of Edinburgh, who seeks to eradicate all non-human clans from the world in his pursuit of revenge. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2 Plot Synopsis

The second part begins almost immediately, where part 1 concluded. After defeating Mage, one of the monstrous beings sent to stop him and Tristan, the mystery fairy realizes they were also captured and fused together to become entities loyal to Deathpierce. He tries to warn Tristan about it and discovers that the Prince of the Kingdom of Liones is still holding himself back due to the fear of hurting him. He transforms into his human self before defeating the other monster, Knight, which transforms into demons and giants.

After the others express their gratitude and leave, Tristan finally realizes why the scar on the fairy’s forehead looks so familiar. He is the one who put it there when the powers he inherited from his father started to manifest. He became so afraid of that part of himself that he stopped training to be Holy Knight.

What Tristan hasn’t realized is that Lancelot has held a grudge against him since that day, and not entirely because Tristan hurt him. He was angry because Tristan thought that Lancelot was weak enough to be hurt, and that wounded his pride more than the actual injury and the concerned looks in the eyes of the adults. While Tristan considers the other young man still his friend, Lancelot is aloof about it.

The lifting of the curse plaguing Elizabeth remains the main concern. As the boys resume their journey toward the castle, they are confronted by thousands of Empties. As always, Tristan demonstrates little care about his personal safety; calls on his horse, lovingly named Escanor; and gallops into battle. This prompts an exasperated Lancelot to follow him in his fairy form so he can ensure that Tristan will not be impaled in the spears of the Empties. A woman in armor has been watching the scene unfold. She creates a bridge made of ice, encasing the empties and helping the boys enter the castle. There, they encounter Deathpierce and Priest, the latter being the one who put the curse on Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, After receiving Gowther’s Broadcast about what has happened to Elizabeth, most of the other Sins return to Liones. Using nectars from flowers that bloom near the top of the Sacred Tree, King succeeds in bringing Elizabeth’s fever down and lift only a fraction of the curse. As King explains, the rest of it is still nested deep within Elizabeth’s mind.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2: Does Tristan Save His Mother from the Curse?

Elizabeth can easily remove the curse with her ability as a member of the Goddess clan, but because the curse is keeping her unconscious, she can’t remove the curse herself. Deathpierce, being a former Holy Knight knew exactly how her powers functioned and instructed Priest to put the curse on her when she was sleeping. If the heroes can wake her up even for a second, she can get rid of the curse. Tristan, who inherited his mother’s powers as well, tried and wasn’t successful, prompting him to leave Liones without telling his father where he was going. With Gowther’s help, Meliodas discovers that his son has gone to Edinburgh and asks Diane to throw him, Gowther, and Ban toward Tristan’s location.

In Edinburgh, Lancelot finally pursuades Tristan to let go of his fears and embrace who he is. Deathpierce uses his Chaos Staff to trap Lancelot, and Tristan reacts by unleashing Hellfire, defeating both Deathpierce and Priest. However, as Deathpierce points out, he still has hundreds of thousands of Empties, and they will kill the young heroes. Just when everything seems lost, the fathers of the two boys arrive and easily destroy Deathpierce’s army. As Deathpierce flees to another dimension, Tristan and Lancelot follow him. Elizabeth wakes up, and when Priest tries to curse her again, she easily defeats him, freeing the five Gray Demons he was made out of.

Who Gave Deathpierce His Chaos Staff? Why?

The climactic battle of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh’ takes place in a different dimension. Tristan and Lancelot realize that Deathpierce is not entirely himself, as the Chaos Staff merges with him and transforms him into a horrendous monster. When Tristan erroneously thinks that the monster has killed Lancelot, he prepares to unleash all his powers, but seeing two fairies strapped to the monster’s chest writhe in agony, he hesitates. This is when Lancelot lets him know that he is alive and tells him that he wants to end the fight they started all those years ago. Finally convinced, Tristan easily destroys the monster with his Demon clan powers, and Lancelot succeeds in knocking him out, helping the other boy rein in his powers.

It is later revealed that Arthur Pendragon, the King of Chaos and Camelot, gave Deathpierce the Chaos Staff as he wanted him to be one of his Holy Knights. Arthur witnessed the destruction of his kingdom in the New Holy War, concluded that the humans would always be subservient to other clans unless the latter groups were exterminated. This is the foundational reason for his actions, and it aligns him with the belief of Deathpierce, whose hate for all non-human clans stems from the actions of Derieri of the Demon clan and Ludociel of the Goddess clan, both of whom died in the war.

Who is the Woman in Armor Following Lancelot?

Toward the end of the film, it is revealed that the woman in armor is Jericho, a former Holy Knight of Liones and a follower of Ban. She became Lancelot’s mentor in the Epilogue Arc of the original manga series. 11 years later, she leaves the Kingdom of Benwick with Lancelot. She develops feeling for her student, and when she ends up in Camelot, Arthur promises her a world where she can be together with Lancelot. The events of ‘Grudge of Edinburgh’ apparently take place after the epilogue of the original manga and sometime in the early stages of the sequel, ‘Four Knights of the Apocalypse.’ Both Tristan and Lancelot are destined to become the Knights of the Apocalypse and play a role in Arthur’s downfall. Jericho will likely be involved in that future war, in one way or another.

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