The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Love Game

Gavin Casalegno (Jeremiah), Christopher Briney (Conrad), Lola Tung (Belly)

Prime Video’s ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ raises the stakes for its characters in the second season, where their beloved beach house is threatened to be sold. The villain in the story is Susannah’s sister, Julia, who now owns the house and intends to sell it. However, the Fisher brothers and Belly are unwilling to let go of the last thing that ties them to Susannah and her memories. In between this, the love triangle between them deepens in the fourth episode, titled ‘Love Game,’ as Belly spends more time with the Fisher brothers, reconsidering her feelings for both of them. Here’s what it means for the protagonist and the people around her. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Julia arrives at the beach house and intends for the children to leave while she preps the house for selling it as soon as possible. Conrad makes it clear that he is not going anywhere, and the rest, too, make a point to stay and sabotage the first open house. Fortunately, the AC breaks down the same day, and Julia has to accept that she cannot show the house without conditioning on one of the hottest days of summer. But she also knows she cannot do anything if the kids flock around the house all day.

Belly proposes going to the boardwalk and playing games like they used to when they were younger. She invites Skye to join them, hoping that she might get Skye to see why they all like Cousins and the beach house so much. Perhaps, then, Skye might convince her mother not to sell the house. The games soon become a competition between the girls and the boys, each trying to best the other. While everyone enjoys the day, it also brings out the complicated feelings between them.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Did Julia Sell the House?

After a day of fun and games, when Belly and the others return home, they are shocked to find it empty. It is stripped of all the furniture and everything that made it the cozy, comfortable home they all used to spend their summers in. They are angry and sad simultaneously because they didn’t expect things to move so fast. They hoped they could change Julia’s mind and stop her from selling, but there is no going back now. Does this mean the beach house is sold for good?

An empty house doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sold. It could be that Julia thought it was better for things to be like that as it would make the house inhabitable. This would force Conrad and the others out of the house, and they would have to leave Julia alone to do whatever she wishes with it. Another reason could be that the house needed a lot more fixing than she’d imagined, so she decided to clear it out. However, the most obvious possibility is that the house has been sold.

If Julia were still working on selling it, the house would have been staged to make it look warm and approachable to the buyers. The clearing out means that she might have convinced someone to buy the place. She had been in a hurry, noting that she didn’t have forever and needed to return to her job. Perhaps, she found an offer she couldn’t refuse and thought good riddance for the house. She might also have figured out that the AC didn’t break down on its own, confirming that the kids were ready to do whatever it took to sabotage the sale.

While nothing might be inside the house, it doesn’t look like Conrad and the others will leave it like that. He, Jeremiah, and Belly had been united on the thought that they would not give up the house, no matter how hard they had to fight for it. For Conrad, it is important to keep the house because, given how things are with him at the moment, this is the only safe haven he can turn to. He has not been well since his mother died. Earlier in the episode, he revealed that he has been having more panic attacks since Susannah died. The situation is so dire that he has panic attacks even when good things happen to him, like getting into Stanford.

Apart from Conrad, the place also holds particular importance for Jeremiah and Belly. And no matter their differences with the elder Fisher brother, they will support him in saving the house from being sold. It remains to be seen what the kids can do to change all this, but the events of this episode suggest that they are in for more complications. While playing the games, Conrad falls back into the person he used to be before he became distant and cut off. Spending time with him, Belly realizes why she fell in love with him, but that doesn’t change the fact that they broke things up on bad terms.

What’s interesting, as noted by Taylor, is the interaction between Belly and Jeremiah. While Conrad has been cut off and distant, Jeremiah has always been caring and considerate of Belly. He shows care when she loses the bet and has to ride the Tower of Terror, which she is terrified of. While everyone knows she is scared, only Jeremiah comes forward to ride it with her. They face their fears together, holding hands, while Belly remembers all the times Jeremiah prioritized her over other things. Does this mean she has realized her mistake and might get back together with the younger Fisher brother? Most likely, yes.

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