The Summer I Turned Pretty: Why Did Belly and Jeremiah Break Up?

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Prime Video’s ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is a coming-of-age romance drama that follows the love triangle between Belly Conklin and the Fisher brothers. Having spent almost all their summers together, they have an unbreakable bond, which is tested when they develop feelings for each other. In the first season, Belly has a crush on Conrad, and she tries to express her feelings for him. However, he is too distant and indifferent to see it, which leads Belly to explore other avenues.

This is when Jeremiah reveals that he wants him and Belly to be more than just best friends. Accepting love where she gets it, Belly decides to be with Jeremiah. At the beginning of Season 2, we find Belly at the beginning of another summer, but this time, she is not with Jeremiah anymore. It turns out that they haven’t talked to each other in a year. If you are wondering what happened between them, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Betrayal Ends Jeremiah and Belly’s Brief Romance

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Everyone knew that Belly had a crush on Conrad forever, but that doesn’t stop Jeremiah from having feelings for her. He and Belly had always been close and were each other’s best friends. At first, he keeps his feelings to himself, knowing that Belly wants to be with Conrad. However, Conrad keeps a distance from everyone over the summer, including Belly. She starts dating Cam but then breaks up with him because of her feelings for Conrad.

Seeing that Belly is ready to move from his brother, who doesn’t seem to care about her feelings at all, Jeremiah decides to come clean about his own feelings. He tells Belly that he wants to be more than just best friends. She knows he genuinely cares for her and is more present than Conrad, who hasn’t even properly looked at her this summer. By now, Belly is convinced that Conrad does not reciprocate her feelings and decides not to wait around for him anymore. She agrees to be with Jeremiah.

Due to their already strong bond, Belly feels a sense of comfort around Jeremiah. It is easy to be with him, but she still cannot shake off her feelings for Conrad. Jeremiah agrees to be Belly’s partner at the debutante ball, but when the time comes for their dance performance, he is nowhere to be seen. This is when Conrad steps in, and Belly feels he cares about her, even if he doesn’t show it.

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The revelation of Susannah’s cancer explains Jeremiah’s absence. He is heartbroken to discover that his mother is dying and has refused to participate in an experimental program that might help her. Belly discovers that Conrad already knew about it, and that’s why he was so distant all summer. He’d been dealing with his grief alone. But now that she knows about it too, he talks to her, and their conversation ends with a kiss.

When Belly tells Conrad about her and Jeremiah, he asks if she wants to be with his younger brother. Even though she cares for Jeremiah, Belly knows that her heart has always belonged to Conrad, and he’s the one she wants to be with. However, she cannot dupe Jeremiah, and keeping him in the dark feels unfair. So, she tells him about what happened between her and Conrad. This angers Jeremiah, who is already heartbroken over his mother’s health.

Jeremiah feels cheated by Belly and feels like she was just using him as a distraction until Conrad came along and they could be together. Because Conrad never knew that they’d hooked up, he could not be angry with him. But he is disappointed in Belly, who comes off as selfish and self-indulgent in this case, not caring about Jeremiah’s feelings at all. He is further angered by the fact that everyone expects him to be okay with it because everyone knows about Belly’s crush on Conrad.

Jeremiah’s anger shocks Belly, who thinks they could be amicable and remain best friends. His reaction makes her reconsider her relationship with Conrad, which she decides to put on hold until things calm down between her and Jeremiah. However, Jeremiah is too angry with her and doesn’t talk for the rest of the year until they are reunited the following summer.

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