The Swan: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Presented by Amanda Byram, Fox’s ‘The Swan’ is a reality show that combines the world of pageantry and makeover. In each episode of the series, two participants undergo several transformations before one of them is chosen to be part of the Swan Pageant. The show premiered in 2004 and completed its two seasons in the same year before being discontinued. Over two decades later since the show made its appearance, the public is eager to know what their favorites are up to these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Kelly Alemi is Leading a Private Life Today

We are starting off with Kelly Alemi, who appeared in the fifth episode of ‘For Real: The Story of Reality TV’ in 2021. Since her time on the show, she does seem to be thriving though she seemingly prefers to keep the details of her personal life private. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that she and her loved ones are doing well in their lives.

Rachel Love-Fraser is Focusing on Her Post-Divorce Journey

Having gone through a massive transformation while on the show, Rachel Love-Fraser ended up winning the first season of the show. She does seem to have divorced her husband, Mike, following her reality TV appearance though he seemed like a model-supportive husband while on the show. Rachel went on to be a part of ‘Battle of the Network Reality Stars’ in 2005.

Cindy Ingle is Promoting Brands, Enjoying Travel Now

Up next, we have Cindy Ingle, the second runner-up of season 1. After her time on the show, the reality TV star reportedly had to undergo another surgery after being injured in the face by a ball. The confidence she gained from the show has helped her in embracing life to the fullest, and she has seemingly even traveled overseas to places like Italy. Presently based in San Diego, California, Cindy uses social media to promote various products and companies.

Tawnya Cooke is Creating Swan React Content

It seems like Tawnya Cooke has fully embraced her role as a ‘The Swan’ cast member and now makes “react content” revolving around the show. Her program, ‘The Swan Diaries,’ provides viewers with a glimpse into the life behind the cameras. Additionally, she is a writer affiliated with AuthorHouse.

Beth Lay is Engaging in Diverse Projects

Since her time in ‘The Swan,’ Beth Lay has been a part of many entertainment projects. She appeared in an episode of ‘The View’ in 2005 and starred as a minor character in ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2,’ an Indian film released in 2013. Additionally, she also worked as an additional Crew for “Forza Horizon,” the 2012 video game.

Belinda Bessant is Writing and Producing Short Films

Following her time on the Fox show, Belinda Bessant has been a part of several short films as a Writer and even served as a Producer for one. Some of her works include ‘Homegrown,’ ‘Tarry,’ and ‘One Foot in, One Foot Out.’ We are hopeful that Belinda has continued to thrive in her life and has only moved forward with confidence to achieve her dreams.

Kelly Becker is Sharing Family Joy, Travels

Let’s talk about Kelly Becker, now known as Kelly Becker-Berdyck, who enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. The reality TV star is always happy to share glimpses of her life with her fans. Additionally, she enjoys traveling, coffee, and spas and is very much in love with the city of Paris, France.

Lorrie Arias is Navigating Life’s Challenges

Season 2 star Lorrie Arias has been quite public about her time on the Fox show and the seemingly negative impact it had on her life. About a decade after her television appearance, she stated how she ended up gaining back the weight she had lost during the pageant-based transformation and went from 155 pounds to 248 pounds after the production was over.

Additionally, Lorrie explained her struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, and body dysmorphia. The reality TV cast member confessed that the only time she left home was to see her therapist. We wish her the very best and hope that she remains firm on her path toward positivity.

Christina Ozuna is Excelling in Corporate Role Today

Based in Henderson, Nevada, Christina Ozuna has been working as the Vice President of Corporate Claims for EMPLOYERS since December 2003. Though the reality TV star has not shared much about her personal life, we are hopeful that she continues to make positive strides in her life.

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