The Transformation Factory Shark Tank Update: Where Is The Transformation Factory Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

The health food industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. Adding to that growth is The Transformation Factory, a company established by entrepreneur Alexiou Gibson. In season 13 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ Gibson presented his company as one of the most significant producers of edible gels made from seaweed. As seaweed is considered a vastly untapped yet nutritious food source, the product got us interested. So, we decided to chart the growth of The Transformation Factory!

The Transformation Factory: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The brain behind The Transformation Factory, Alexiou Gibson, completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. He even holds an Associates of Arts degree in Pre-Engineering from Palm Beach State College. Interestingly, Gibson has a dynamic yet inspirational professional journey as he has worked for top-rung organizations. As a student, he worked for a NASA project as a Curiosity Rover Procurement Manager and was later given the position of Chief of Technology Intern.

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Besides, Gibson worked as an Implementation Specialist for Breezer Mobile Cooling from 2014 to 2016 before becoming a project manager at Assura. Back in May 2012, he also took up the position of CEO at Highly Ambitious Studios, a title he holds to this very day. On the show, Gibson mentioned that although he enjoyed interning at NASA, he weighed over 500 pounds when he was 19. While being overweight had its own challenges, doctors were worried about its effect on his lifespan.

Unwilling to let life go downhill any further, Gibson decided to change his lifestyle in order to lead a responsible and healthy life. However, just exercising and adhering to a routine wasn’t enough, and the engineer was forced to look for healthy food alternatives. That was when he came across the positives of seaweed and how nutritious it can be. But Gibson was quite surprised to see how underrated seaweed was in the United States and thus, decided to do something about it. He began brainstorming ideas and finally came up with a recipe for seaweed moss gel.

At present, The Transformation Factory is one of the most significant producers of seaweed moss gel in the United States. They source the seaweed through sustainable methods before blending it with spring water. However, since eating it raw would not be possible for everyone, the company began incorporating healthy fruits to give the gel delicious flavors. Apart from stating how his product was completely natural and vegan, Gibson also mentioned how the seaweed moss gel helps with weight reduction as it improves metabolism and digestion.

Where Is The Transformation Factory Now?

The Transformation Factory’s products have been received quite positively by consumers. People adapted quickly to the unorthodox yet nutritious supplement, and soon, Gibson’s products were endorsed by glowing reviews. Determined to keep his brand growing, Gibson perfected a dry seaweed formula that soon got added to the product catalog. Moreover, The Transformation Factory’s popularity led to it being featured on several reputed print and visual media platforms, while its website features impressive feedback from happy customers.

At present, The Transformation Factory’s products are available exclusively on their official website, although Gibson has plans to expand into retail. While a jar of seaweed moss gel can cost anywhere between $30.99 to $43.99 depending on the flavor, the company also sells sea moss capsules at $27.99 and a pack of raw Irish sea moss at $14.99.

At the same time, customers interested in buying more than a single product can look into the various bundles for additional discounts. The success of The Transformation Factory is a direct result of Alexiou Gibson’s hard work, and we believe he and his company are destined to cross greater milestones in the near future.

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