The Upshaws Season 4 Ending: Will Lucretia Sell the Garage?

Netflix’s comedy-drama series, ‘The Upshaws,’ returns with a fourth season, bringing more drama and humor to the audience. Picking up from last season’s finale, the story begins with Regina on a break from her family. She is living at her sister’s place, who has taken over her responsibilities and is taking care of her children. With time, Lucretia and Regina’s family start to get impatient and want her to return home. By the end of the season, however, this becomes the least of their worries. Here’s what the ending spells for Lucretia and the Upshaw family.

The Upshaws Season 4 Plot Synopsis

Regina is making the best of her time away from her family. For once, she is taking care of herself rather than tending to the needs of every other family member. In her absence, Lucretia has taken up the task of caring for the children, but even she wants Regina to solve her issues and go back home as soon as possible. Lucretia misses her alone time and doesn’t want her sister invading her privacy and space anymore.

On her therapist’s advice, Regina asks Bennie to go to therapy. Despite his initial hesitation, he decides to go through with it to help his wife and bring her back home. Eventually, Regina finds space for her feelings and shares how she has been feeling for a very long time and why she needed to leave home and go to therapy for everything to work smoothly.

While the Upshaws take care of their problems, Lucretia lands in a pickle when she discovers that she is not rich anymore. This news comes to her when she discovers that Eric, who was supposed to have filed her tax returns all these years, never did it. Instead, he pocketed the money and ran away when the authorities caught up with him. This is a huge setback for Regina, posing a giant question mark on her future.

The Upshaws Season 4 Ending: Will Lucretia Sell the Garage?

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One of the important things about Lucretia in ‘The Upshaws’ is that she is rich. She owns the building where she lives, and she also owns the garage that Bennie runs. These are her investments, and all the money she makes allows her to afford a luxurious lifestyle. Being rich also means that her sister and her family look up to her whenever they are in trouble, and she can always bail them out.

She helped Bennie with the garage, even though they didn’t like each other. She supported Regina by paying for her therapy and letting her stay at the house. Lucretia was also ready to help Bernard with the money he needed to open his gym. This made Lucretia a reliable figure, someone everyone could count on in difficult times. But more importantly, it makes Lucretia independent. She never had to turn to anyone for help because she got herself covered.

So, when all of her money is taken away from her, Lucretia finds herself in the midst of an existential crisis. She doesn’t tell anyone about it, mainly because she doesn’t want to go to them for help. Instead of accepting her new reality, she tries to find ways to get rich again. Eventually, however, the truth comes out, and she finds herself at a crossroads where she has to make a tough decision.

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The IRS threatened to take away the building because she didn’t pay taxes all these years. Either, she needs to get the money to clear all of that. Or, she’ll have to let go of the building, which means saying goodbye to the home she treasures more than anything. She doesn’t want to sell the garage because it would mean taking away Bennie’s livelihood, which would also impact her sister. But keeping the garage means she’ll have to give up the building and have nowhere else to go. Regina encourages her to do what’s best for her, to be selfish this one time as opposed to thinking about what others would want.

When Bennie finds out that Regina is broke, he uses this as an opportunity to make fun of her. This is payback for all the times she held being rich over him. Instead of being sympathetic, he wants to kick her while she is down. At first, Regina doesn’t pay heed to his jokes. She knew this would happen. It was one of the reasons why she didn’t want anyone to know in the first place. In the end, however, Bennie tests her patience, and she decides to be selfish. Selling the garage would keep a roof over her head, and that’s what she chooses to do in the end.

It’s a shock for Bennie and Regina because losing the garage would be a huge problem. Bennie worked hard to turn the garage into a success, and it was his only source of income. Regina helped him keep the place because she could afford to at the time. Now, however, she sees that Bennie is more interested in exacting revenge and making jokes at her expense. She had doubts about it before, but Bennie’s behavior convinces her that she doesn’t need to think about him. She needs to be selfish this time and think about herself.

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