The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Recap: Paris Sera Toujours Paris

The third episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,’ titled ‘Paris Sera Toujours Paris,’ revolves around Daryl Dixon and Isabelle’s journey through Paris with Laurent. They get connected with Fallou, who has been waiting for the arrival of Laurent to aid him. Daryl tries to find a way to return to the United States by securing a radio with the help of Isabelle. To return the favor, Isabelle sets out to help Daryl, only to encounter a significant person from her past. The engrossing episode ends with a nuanced revelation and a cliffhanger. If you are trying to make sense of the same, let us share our thoughts about them! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Recap

‘Paris Sera Toujours Paris’ begins with Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent, and Sylvie’s arrival in Paris as they continue their journey. Isabelle gets connected with Fallou and his group, who have been waiting to see Laurent, the messiah of the future. Isabelle lets Daryl know that Fallou and others will help her complete her journey, only for Daryl to look for ways to go back home. He learns that Fallou’s community’s radio system is actually pigeons, which fly away with messages. When he makes it clear that he needs to get hold of a radio, Isabelle promises to help him in return for his assistance throughout the journey.

Meanwhile, Codron arrives in Paris to avenge the death of his brother. He meets his superior Madame Genet and promises her that he will track down the “American” and kill him. He also witnesses Genet’s experiment, using a walker. Isabelle and Daryl go to the former’s apartment to collect things that can be traded for information concerning a boat or ship that can be used by Daryl to go back home. After collecting the same, they come across a herd of walkers with the “acid blood” but find a way to run away from them. Daryl and Isabelle then join Laurent and Fallou and the group goes to the Demimonde, a nightclub in Paris run by Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend Quinn.

Isabelle, determined to help Daryl, tolerates Quinn’s ill-treatment. Daryl, however, fails to accept the same. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want Quinn’s help if he cannot provide the same without harassing Isabelle. Right after they leave, Codron and his men arrive at the nightclub, asking for Daryl. Upon receiving the information concerning Daryl’s whereabouts from Quinn, Codron and his men raid Fallou’s shelter.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Ending: Who is Laurent’s Father? Is He Quinn’s Son?

After meeting Quinn at the Demimonde, Isabelle seeks his assistance to learn about the boats that can help Daryl return to the United States. Rather than helping, Quinn confronts Isabelle about hiding the birth of his son from him, indicating that he is Laurent’s father. First of all, there is a possibility that Quinn is lying about being the father of Laurent. Lily never revealed the identity of the father of her baby to her sister, which means that Isabelle’s only option is to believe or not believe Quinn. Since Isabelle abandoned Quinn and ran off with his sister in the middle of an apocalypse, the nightclub owner may want to hurt the former.

Quinn can be thinking that proclaiming that he is the father of Lily’s son will hurt Isabelle deeply. As far as Quinn is concerned, Isabelle may not want to know that her ex-boyfriend slept with her sister when he was with her. Since Isabelle abandoned him to protect Lily, Quinn may want to hurt her by saying that the same Lily had an affair with the former’s boyfriend at the time. But Isabelle confidently believes that Quinn is saying the truth, which means that he can be saying the truth as well. Isabelle had spent enough time with him to know whether he would say a lie like that.

If Quinn is really Laurent’s father, the revelation explains why he was eager to abandon Lily when he was fleeing with Isabelle during the early days of the zombie apocalypse. He must have thought that Lily and their son would come in between him and Isabelle to not let them unite. If that’s the case, Quinn may want his son and he likely will try to abduct Laurent from Isabelle as the only living parent of the boy. Isabelle may need to protect Laurent not only from the hostile survivors but also from Quinn for the boy to become, in her eyes, the messiah of humanity.

Does Daryl Die?

After returning to Fallou’s shelter from the Demimonde, Daryl prepares to part ways with Isabelle, only to confront Codron and his men. They chase Daryl to the roofs of the shelter and he fights against Codron. Although he manages to eventually run away from the group, he ends up on a weak roof, which breaks, only for Daryl to fall. Even though the same is presented as a cliffhanger, it is easy to predict that Daryl will survive the predicament. Having said that, staying alive will be a tough affair for him, especially with Codron and his men on his tail. He may continue helping Isabelle and Laurent, even if Codron is after him.

Since Codron can open any doors in France as Genet’s general, it won’t be easy for Daryl to hide from him. Considering that Genet operates the port in Le Havre, escaping/returning to the United States without her noticing may not be an option as well. If that’s the case, Daryl may need to come to a truce with Genet to remain alive. He is a part of the Commonwealth, one of the most significant survivor communities in the world. Genet may forgive Daryl in return for the Commonwealth’s assistance or resources. She may even allow him to return home if such a journey turns out to be beneficial for her.

As far as Genet is concerned, Codron is just another man who fights for her. She may not have any sympathy towards such a man to allow the latter to kill Daryl, who can be useful to her. If Daryl joins hands with Genet, the latter may even turn against Codron for trying to avenge his brother’s death by trying to kill the American.

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