The Walking Dead Dead City Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The second episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ titled ‘Who’s There?’ revolves around the aftermath of Maggie Greene and Negan’s journey to Manhattan to find and retrieve Hershel from the Croat. Negan reveals his history with the vicious Croatian to Maggie, who asks him why he hadn’t revealed the same to her before joining her on this suicide mission. They encounter a survivor community and help them fight the Croat’s men. Perlie Armstrong ends up having an unexpected meeting with the Croat, which may rewrite his fate. The engrossing episode ends with nuanced developments and let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 2 Recap

‘Who’s There?’ begins with Maggie and Negan following the woman who steals the former’s bag. The old woman leads the duo to her group, only for them to get captured by Amaia and Tommaso. They shout at the old woman, named Esther, for bringing the duo to their community. While they are held captive, Negan reveals his history with the Croat to Maggie. He tells her that the Croatian became a part of his group upon impressing him after the zombie apocalypse happened. Negan adds that he then witnessed the Croat’s barbarity, which made him shoot at the latter, which only hit one of the ears of the Croatian.

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Maggie realizes that the Croat most likely would want to kill Negan and she asks the latter why he hadn’t told him about the same before they left for Manhattan. Negan tells her that he knows how the Croat thinks and operates, which may turn out to be essential for finding and getting Hershel back from the Croatian. The duo then convinces Amaia, Tommaso, and their fellow community member Luther that they aren’t enemies. Meanwhile, the Croat’s men, who are known as the Burazis, arrive at the place and start to hunt down the members of the community. Ginny arrives at Hilltop but she doesn’t want to stay, which leads her to try to leave the community at night.

The Burazis start to attack Maggie, Negan, Amaia, Tommaso, and Luther. Together, the group resists the Croat’s men but fails to save Esther, who gets killed by a Burazi. Negan then drags the same Burazi to the latter’s companions and slits his throat and gut to warn the hostile group to not come after them. Negan and Maggie then join the others to leave the place. Perlie goes to the house of Joel Armstrong, who is seemingly his brother. He discovers a dead body at the house, possibly Joel’s, and covers the same with a piece of cloth.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 2 Ending: How Will Maggie Get to the Croat?

Negan and Maggie join Amaia, Tommaso, Luther, and the rest of the community after running away from the Burazis while they mourn the death of Esther. Maggie reveals the truth about Hershel’s kidnapping and how she wants to get her son back from the Croat. After learning about Maggie and Negan’s suicide mission, Amaia and Tommaso offer to help them get to the Croat. The two of them are part of a community that’s well-connected throughout the island of Manhattan. They use ziplines to end up in different skyscrapers so that they can avoid the walkers who fill the streets of the region.

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Amaia and Tommaso may use this network to lead Maggie and Negan to the Croat’s den, the origin of the smoke they notice. The Croat’s community must be protected by enough walls and guns, which would make it hard for Maggie and Negan to enter the same and confront their enemy. We can expect Amaia and Tommaso’s experience of living in the region to favor the duo as they may find a way to help the former group breach the Croat’s possibly well-secured den. The members of the community or at least Amaia, Tommaso, and Luther may join Negan and Maggie to fight the Burazis on their way so that the latter can reunite with her son.

Since the Croat is expected to have an army of Burazis ready to fight for him, Maggie, Negan, and their allies may need to be wise to avoid getting outnumbered. Amaia and Tommaso may end up being key to doing the same since they may know ways to get into the community without inviting much attention.

Why Does the Croat Capture Perlie?

After leaving Joel’s house, Perlie steps into a net and gets trapped. After a while, the Croat arrives at the scene with two of his men to check in on the marshal. Considering that the Croat isn’t anticipating a marshal to be on the island, it is clear that the trap wasn’t set specifically for the latter. He must have set the same for any human being who walks through the alley. In the aftershow ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City: Episode Insider,’ creator of the series Eli Jorné describes the Croat as a “scientist.” Perlie, in the eyes of the Croat, can be the new guinea pig he will get to experiment on.

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Communities/groups which conduct experiments on survivors are an integral part of the shows set in ‘The Walking Dead’ universe. The Croat’s community can be one along the lines of PADRE in ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ The shirtless man who dies at the end of the premiere episode of the show can be a victim of experiments the Croat has conducted. The next episode promo also validates such a theory as we get to see glimpses of scientific experiments happening, possibly in the Croat’s community. Perlie may get to witness what really the Croat does at the place and as a marshal of the New Babylon federation, he may want to take it down.

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