The Way Home Season 3 to be Filmed in Scarborough; Pre-Production Starts in June

The filming of the third season of Hallmark’s drama series ‘The Way Home’ will begin in Scarborough, Ontario. The pre-production work for the upcoming installment will start in June. Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke, who created the series with Marly Reed, continue to lead the writers.

In the second season finale, titled ‘Bring Me to Life,’ a cascade of revelations unfolds. Jacob’s return to the present day marks the end of Kat’s quest but it is overshadowed by the discovery that Colton, through flashbacks, is a time traveler who predates the involvement of Jacob, Alice, and Kat with the enigmatic pond. This revelation not only challenges established assumptions but also raises intriguing new questions about the narrative.

As the finale progresses, Elliot’s pursuit of understanding the pond’s rules takes a turn as he ventures into the past with Alice, while a mysterious appearance by Casey Goodwin and the discovery of a familiar ring add layers of intrigue to the storyline, prompting speculation about the latter’s true identity and her connection to the Landry family and the phenomenon of time travel.

In the third installment, the viewers can expect an exploration of the mysteries surrounding the Landry farm and the phenomenon of time travel. With the revelation of Colton’s unexpected role as a time traveler, the narrative is poised to delve further into his backstory and the implications of his abilities on the lives of those around him. Additionally, Elliot’s ongoing quest to understand the rules of the pond and his burgeoning connection with Alice is likely to take center stage, leading to new revelations and unforeseen challenges.

Furthermore, the mysterious appearance of Casey and the discovery of the familiar ring hint at a web of secrets waiting to be unraveled, promising an intricate and captivating storyline that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. As the characters navigate the complexities of time and destiny, the narrative of season 3 may uncover truths that will redefine these characters’ understanding of the past, present, and future.

Following the events in the second installment, the viewers can anticipate the return of familiar faces in season 3. The returning cast members include Andie MacDowell as Del Landry, Chyler Leigh as Kat Landry, Sadie Laflamme-Snow as Alice Dhawan, and Evan Williams as Elliot Augustine. Alex Hook and David Webster are expected to return as teenage versions of Kat and Elliot.

Moreover, Jefferson Brown as Colton Landry, Remy Smith as Jacob Landry, and Siddharth Sharma as teen Brady Dhawan may feature in the upcoming installment. However, the fate of Spencer Macpherson’s character, adult Jacob Landry, remains uncertain, leaving fans to wonder if he will opt to remain in the 1800s or rejoin his family in the present. Since the series is known for its unexpected twists, the possibility of his return hangs in the balance.

Scarborough, where the shooting of the season will start, is not a stranger to high-profile productions. The region most recently hosted the filming of projects such as ‘Dream Scenario‘ and ‘In the Shadow of the Moon.’

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