The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Egwene Meets a Dark Fate

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The second season of Prime Video’s ‘The Wheel of Time’ takes place in the aftermath of the events at the Eye of the World, where Moiraine and Rand had hoped to defeat the Dark One once and forever but ended up freeing his most powerful lieutenant, who in turn, released more dark forces that had been trapped for the past three thousand years. In the last episode, it was revealed that Rand, who tried to stay in the shadows while trying to get a better hold on his powers lest he turned mad, was much closer to the dark forces than he’d imagined. Selene, the woman he fell in love with, turned out to be someone entirely unexpected. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Wheel of Time Season 2 “Damane” Recap

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Lady Suroth and Ishamael go to Falme to offer the Horn of Valere to their commander, who is angry with Suroth for unnecessarily attacking the village so far from their territory. He suspects that Ishamael was behind this, but Suroth is punished for it instead. While Ishamael is busy here, Lanfear recovers from her wounds and chases after Rand and Moiraine. She realizes Moiraine is much more ruthless and clever than she’d anticipated. However, no matter where they run, Lanfear has a way to get to them eventually. She will catch Rand in his dreams.

After fleeing from the Seanchan, Perrin goes on a journey with his wolfbrothers. But when he realizes they are not going to Falme, where his friends are being held captive, he parts ways with them. He goes back to the village which is hosting the White Cloaks. He also finds a woman held captive in a cage. Her name is Aviendha. Perrin frees her, and they run away together. Because he helped her, Aviendha is bound to him, so she decides to follow him when he reveals he is going to Falme.

Picking up from the ending of the last episode, Liandrin holds Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne captive. Nynaeve realizes what Liandrin is about to do, but she cannot do anything about it because she is not as powerful as to fight an Aes Sedai. Meanwhile, Verin arrives in Tor Valar and discovers that the three promising novices are missing. While Liandrin tries to play innocent, Verin has her doubts about her.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: What Happens to Egwene?

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The revelation of Liandrin being one of the Forsaken raises the stakes for the characters, especially Nynaeve and Egwene, who are still exploring their powers and are already a target of the Dark One. In the last episode, Liandrin tries to lure out Nynaeve and Egwene by telling them about Perrin and his group getting attacked and taken captive by Falme. She wanted them to get out of Tor Valar, where she could attack and deliver them to her master. She’d delegated a similar task to Lin with Mat. What Liandrin didn’t expect was Elyane joining them.

When Liandrin takes the three novices to Lady Suroth, she seems discontent by not seeing Ishamael there. She’d done all this in return for the dark forces helping her dying son. But with Suroth acting as the mediator, Liandrin is unable to talk to Ishamael about keeping his end of the bargain. Moreover, she dislikes meeting Suroth, who mistreats the women who can channel. To teach Suroth a lesson and give the novices a fighting chance, she unties Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne.

The girls fight back and try to run away, but Suroth’s channelers are much more powerful. Nynaeve is not able to tap into her magic, so Elayne and Egwene fight back. While Nynaeve and Elayne escape, Egwene is left behind. She is held captive and taken back to Suroth, who later offers Egwene to her commander. Things get worse for Egwene when she is collared like every other channeler. But that’s not it. Her captivity means that Ishamael has her, and he can use her to make Rand surrender.

Meanwhile, Elayne and Nynaeve run away and try to find shelter in Falme. They are found by an Aes Sedai, which means that they have help, and they’ll need it because they have to help free their friend. Their presence in Falme will also eventually reunite them with Perrin, who is headed that way, with another powerful warrior by his side. Things might seem bleak for Egwene right now, but her friends will come for her and free her.

What Happens to Rand?

While his friends are busy trying to survive against the new enemies, Rand and Moiraine devise a plan to fight Lanfear. They find shelter in Moiraine’s sister’s house, but the Aes Sedai worries that this might be a bad move. She knows that Lanfear will come for Rand, which might jeopardize the entire town, including Moiraine’s sister. When she shares this concern with her sister, without going into the details, she is asked to take her own advice. She must take some time to consider whether Rand really needs her help. That’s when Moiraine realizes she’d been going about it all wrong.

Moiraine was under the impression that Lanfear would want to kill Rand, but if Lanfear really wanted to do that, she would have done it a long time ago. Instead, she stayed by Rand’s side and tried to get him to trust her. This means that she will not harm Rand. Moiraine also remembers the stories about Lanfear in which she and the Dragon were known to be in love until he found someone else and married them. After talking with Rand, Moiraine realizes that Lanfear wants Rand to love her because he is the incarnation of the man she used to love.

So, instead of running away from her, Moiraine decides to get Rand in touch with her and use it to figure out more about the dark side’s plan. She and Rand had tried not to sleep because Lanfear had incredible powers in the dream world. With the new plan in her mind, Moiraine asks Rand to sleep and let Lanfear into his mind and find out more about the enemy.

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