7 Show Like The Wheel of Time You Must See

‘The Wheel of Time’ follows Moiraine, a member of the magical Aes Sedai, as she embarks on an epic journey to find the Dragon Reborn, who holds the fate of the world in their hands. Set in a vast magical world populated with a wide array of characters, creatures, and forces, the high fantasy series weaves an intricate narrative based on Robert Jordan’s book series of the same name.

There is a lot for fans of the genre to love in ‘The Wheel of Time.’ From its multiple entwined plotlines to its range of central characters that start as simpletons and slowly discover the awesome depths of their powers. If you enjoyed diving into the fantastical world of this show, we’ve got some more epic fantasy series that are equally immersive. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘The Wheel of Time’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. His Dark Materials (2019-)

Based on the book series of the same name by Philip Pullman, ‘His Dark Materials’ explores a fascinating world where the souls of humans are embodied by small creatures called daemons. The plot revolves around Lyra, a young orphan girl who inhabits parallel universes and eventually finds herself entangled in a plot that just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Don’t let the young protagonist fool you; this show is deliciously dark, and the world-building is some of the most original out there! This is definitely a worthy follow-up to ‘The Wheel of Time.’

6. Cursed (2020)

‘Cursed’ is based on the illustrated novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler and is described as a reimagination of the Arthurian legend. The story centers around a young woman named Nimue, who is accompanied by a young mercenary named Arthur as she embarks on a tumultuous and violent journey. A truly heroic central character who overcomes incredible odds as she realizes her own powers makes this show a lot like ‘The Wheel of Time,’ but with a slightly tragic twist.

5. The Shannara Chronicles (2016-2017)

Image Credit: Kirsty Griffin/Spike

Based on ‘The Sword of Shannara’ trilogy by Terry Brooks, ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ is set in a world slowly being overrun by demons. Helped and hindered along the way by druids, elves, and a host of fantastic creatures, the central characters embark on a mission to restore the ancient Ellcrys— a tree that helps keep demons out of their realm. If you enjoyed the blend of human and magical characters united towards a common goal in ‘The Wheel of Time,’ this fantasy series will give you another stylish dose of the same.

4. Shadow and Bone (2021-)

Unlike many other fantasy series out there, ‘Shadow and Bone‘ takes inspiration from not one but two series of books (the ‘Shadow and Bone’ trilogy and the ‘Six of Crows’ duology) by author Leigh Bardugo. As you can imagine, the world portrayed (referred to as the Grishaverse) is intricate and has its own brand of magic called Small Science, which allows users to manipulate matter at its most fundamental level. Much like the Aes Sedai’s complicated relationship with magic in ‘The Wheel of Time,’ the Grisha and their Small Science make ‘Shadow and Bone’ a fascinating world to explore.

3. Locke and Key (2020-)

For those of you that enjoy a spot of reality in your fantasy series (with the word “reality” being used in the loosest sense possible), this screen adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s comic book series will be right up your alley. Set around the ancient Keyhouse, which is littered with magically powerful keys, the seemingly modest plot explodes into a fascinating and complex narrative going back hundreds of years.

Each key has a different power, with one even allowing you to literally unlock a person’s mind and step into it. The young high-school characters learn through their mistakes, making for some truly nail-biting moments, and the villains are even more diabolical than the ones in ‘The Wheel of Time.’ Dive in, and you’ll be glad you did.

2. Castlevania (2017-2021)

For a show that blends the legend of Dracula with anime-inspired art, need we say more? Based on the Japanese video game series of the same name by Konami, ‘Castlevania‘ follows a truly dark plot where even the heroes sometimes seem like villains (and, surprisingly, vice-versa!) The show follows the three central characters as they battle Dracula and his armies, delving into deep blood magic and a world of fantastically despicable monsters. Come for the blistering action, and stay for the plot that runs almost as deep as that of ‘The Wheel of Time.’

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Well, what else did you expect? Despite a debatable closing season, ‘Game of Thrones’ remains one of the greatest high fantasy shows ever made, and with good reason! Based on the book series titled ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin, the show introduces viewers to a range of characters and lands rarely seen within a single television series.

Set in the tumultuous land of Westeros and Essos, ‘Game of Thrones’ has given us some of television’s best, most brutal, and definitely most memorable moments. As vast and complex as ‘The Wheel of Time,’ this is a show that’s essential viewing for anyone who is even vaguely drawn to the fantasy genre.

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