The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The second season of Prime Video’s fantasy drama series, ‘The Wheel of Time’ throws its protagonists into situations that appear impossible to come out of. In the previous season, they were only focused on defeating the Dark One, but in this season, they discover that there are far more dangerous things in their world other than the Darkness. Egwene, especially, comes face to face with the enemy that is hell-bent on changing who she is.

At the end of the last episode, she was caught and collared by the Seanchan, who like to turn girls like her into Damane. In this episode, things get worse for her, as her friends try to figure out how to save her while dealing with their own life-or-death situations. Here’s what happens in the sixth episode of ‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 and what it means for its characters.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Egwene is thrown into a cell, and she quickly discovers that the collar has turned her own powers against her. She cannot use them to fight her captors. Instead, whatever injury she tries to inflict on them comes back on her. She is told to stop fighting and give in to her new life, but Egwene is not the one to break easily. Meanwhile, Rand meets Lanfear who tells him that she has been protecting him from Ishamael. She reveals that she became a Forsaken because of her love for the Dragon Reborn and that his friends would walk the same path now that Ishamael has his eyes on all of them. When Rand asks her to prove her loyalty and tell him where Ishamael is, she agrees to do so under one condition: Rand must leave Moiraine.

Mat and Min arrive in Cairhien and Ishamael tells Min to make sure that Mat meets Rand. She realizes that Ishamael knows about her vision of Mat. At Falme, Nynaeve and Elayne tell the Yellow Ajah that Liandrin is a Darkfriend, but they refuse to leave the city until Egwene is rescued. The Ajah reveals that they have to find a way to break or unlock the collar on Egwene. At the same time, Loial and Ingtar plan to find the Horn and rescue Egwene, though they know that the latter is the more difficult task.

Lanfear visits Liandrin and kills her son, claiming that she is doing the Aes Sedai a favor. She also reminds Liandrin that this does nothing to nullify the deal she made with the Darkness. Meanwhile, Alanna and her Warders confront Lan, believing he is a Darkfriend. They think he helped free Lanfear, but discover that he and Moiraine have been hiding the truth about the Dragon Reborn, which Lan wants to confess to Siuan Sanche.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: What Does Egwene’s Filling the Cup Mean?

When Egwene is collared, she is told that she cannot hurt her captor, no matter what. She thinks about using a flask of water to attack her captor, but the thought itself turns everything against her. It turns out that she will not be able to touch anything that she might think about using as a weapon. If she tries to, she will feel immense pain. Egwene is told to overpower that thought, to believe that she is now a Damane and cannot hurt her masters, no matter what weapon she might have at hand. Egwene tries, but it turns out to be much trickier than she’d imagined.

The only thing that Egwene can think about in the prison is to get out of it. She has no intention of becoming Damane, which means that she cannot submit to someone as their master. Her rebellious spirit keeps her from picking up the flask and pouring water into her cup. As long as she cannot do it, it means that her spirit is not broken yet. She has the fight inside of her, which will keep her from submitting to her enemies and becoming their slave.

To break Egwene, her captor uses every trick in the book. They try to lure Egwene by showing her how freer she would be in using her powers to their greatest potential, if she became Damane. They beat Egwene to a pulp, choke her to death, starve her and whatnot to make her relent. But Egwene stands her ground and is unable to touch the flask. By the end of the episode, however, her spirit is broken, and eventually, she is able to lift the flask and pour water from it. This saves her from being beaten or starved again, but it shows that there is a crack in her armor. She thought she would never break down, but by pouring the water, it is proved that she has broken down and has taken her first step towards submitting to the life of Damane.

Luckily, things won’t get that far for Egwene. Her training to become Damane will continue, and in the meantime, her friends will come up with a way to save her. For now, however, things don’t look so bright on their end. Nynaeve and Elayne try to find a way to break the collar with the help of the Yellow Ajah, but Nynaeve involuntarily uses too much magic, which attracts Damane. The Ajah gives up herself to save Nynaeve and Elayne. She fights the enemies and hopes to die before being held captive, but her warder is killed and she is collared and taken away. Now, Nyaneve and Elayne are left to their own devices, with no idea how to save their friend.

At Cairhien, Rand and Mat reunite. Through Lanfear, Rand visited Egwene in her dream and discovered she was being held captive in Falme. He visits Logain for help, to find a way to use his powers without killing himself or anyone else in the process, but discovers that there is lot to learn. He doesn’t have the time, so he decides to go to Falme by himself. When Mat finds out about it, he offers to join him on the journey. But then, Min tells him about the vision in which Mat killed Rand. She tells him to stay away from Rand if he loves his friend, so Mat doesn’t show up at the rendezvous and Rand decides to go it alone.

Just as he is about to leave the town, Rand is confronted by Lan, Alanna and her warders. Unbeknownst to Rand, Lan told Alanna about the identity of the Dragon Reborn. Whether or not he told this to Siuan Sanche remains to be seen, but the Amyrlin Seat has arrived in Cairhien. Perhaps, Lan told her about Moiraine losing her powers, but kept the details about the Dragon Reborn. Still, it doesn’t look like Rand is leaving for Falme anytime soon. Egwene will have to wait a while before help arrives.

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