The Witcher Season 3: Does Geralt Die? Does Vilgefortz Kill Him?

Image Credit: Susie Allnutt/Netflix

The third season of Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ follows Geralt of Rivia as he and Yennefer try to protect Ciri against the enemies that have been chasing her since the beginning of the show. The second half features three episodes, with the coup of Thanedd becoming the central event that tears Geralt and Ciri apart one more time. This time, the danger to Ciri is much more powerful and cunning than any other threat they have encountered before, which is what makes things even more uncertain for the protagonists.

Geralt and Vilgefortz come face to face in a fight that proves Vilgefortz is more vicious and ruthless than anyone could have imagined. If you are wondering what the villain does to Geralt and whether the Witcher survives the fight, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Vilgefortz Kill Geralt?

Image Credit: Susie Allnutt/ Netflix

Nefarious forces had been conspiring to get their hands on Ciri since before the fall of Cintra, and Vilgefortz was the one to orchestrate all of it. Geralt and Yennefer had been looking for the person who pulled the strings of people like Rience while hiding in the shadows. At first, they thought the culprit was Stregobor, but then they realized it had been Vilgefortz all along, hiding in plain sight. When Phillipa and Djikstra mount an attack on Aretuza, they intend to expose Vilgefortz. The only person who stands by Vilgefortz is Tissaia, but eventually, she must admit she was wrong about him.

While Yennefer tries to help Tissaia and the other mages fight the elves, Geralt and Ciri try to leave the island. They are confronted by Vilgefortz. Geralt tells Ciri to run, and she ends up in the tower of Tor Lara while Geralt fights the mage. Being a Witcher, Geralt had met many monsters, and he had come close to dying in some fights, but he always survived. However, this time, he realizes he is out of his depth. Vilgefortz is not like any other mage who can be easily killed. He is much more skilled and powerful than Geralt, which reduces the Witcher’s chances of survival.

Vilgefortz knew that he and Ciri were tied by destiny, so he tried to get Geralt over to his side. But when the Witcher refused, the mage decided to remove him from the equation. By the end of the fight, Vilgefortz destroys Geralt’s sword and leaves him incapacitated by breaking his back, in addition to other severe injuries he inflicted on him during the fight. Seeing that he has defeated Geralt, who is in no position to move, let alone fight anymore, he leaves the Witcher. He could have killed Geralt, but he decides not to. Instead, he promises Geralt that they will meet again.

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If not due to the injuries, Geralt would have died by drowning because he was still on the beach when the tides started to come in. Luckily, he is found by Triss, who takes him to Brokilon, where he will be protected and looked after. The dryads try to help him. They give him medicines and healing potions, but nothing seems to work on him. It might be because he isn’t human but a mutant, so the things that would generally heal a normal person instantly don’t take to him at all.

Geralt’s broken back leaves him wholly immobile, and for a while, even the dryads start to wonder if he will ever recover. When Jaskier arrives at Brokilon, he finds Geralt in a near-death condition. When nothing works, and Geralt becomes desperate, especially after he hears about Ciri’s capture, he asks Yennefer to heal him with her magic. She warns him it won’t be like healing normal wounds, but she does it anyway. It does not bring Geralt back to his full power, but he is strong enough to stand on his feet and fight, even if not as well as he used to.

By the end of the season, Geralt is much better, and he and Jaskier, joined by Milva, are on their way to Nilfgaard to rescue Ciri. Eventually, Geralt and Vilgefortz will come face to face again, and at that time, Vilgefortz will not be as merciful to the Witcher, and vice versa. For now, however, Geralt is alive, and that’s all he needs to find and protect Ciri.

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