Where Was The Witches (1990) Filmed?

Roald Dahl is one of the most popular children’s authors of all time for good reason. His wacky imagination has captured the attention of millions of readers for several years, introducing many of them to the beneficial world of reading. That is the reason several of his works have been turned into appealing on-screen adaptations. The 1990 film, ‘The Witches’ is one such movie that manages to recreate the charm of Dahl’s writing on screen: a feat which is not small, by any stretch of the imagination.

‘The Witches’ is based on Dahl’s 1983 book of the same name. It revolves around a boy named Luke Eveshim. He ends up running into a convention of witches who have been masquerading as normal women to kill children. As a result, Luke gets converted into a mouse by the witches but manages to escape. Now, he must find a way to stop the witches along with his beloved grandmother. ‘The Witches’ received extremely favorable reviews from critics but did not manage to become commercially successful.

Anjelica Huston leads the cast of the movie, playing the character of one of the witches. Jasen Fisher plays the character of Luke while Mai Zetterling plays the role of his grandmother. Rowan Atkinson is also a part of the movie’s cast apart from Jane Horrocks, Anne Lambton, and others.

The Witches Filming Locations

‘The Witches’ is primarily set in England. A few scenes are also set in Norway. Several viewers might have wondered where the imaginatively fantastical story was shot. Was it actually filmed in England and Norway?

The United Kingdom

‘The Witches’ was almost entirely filmed in the United Kingdom. Filming was carried out on location in a variety of different places. For instance, the scenes set in the hotel where Luke runs into the witches were filmed at the Headland Hotel in Newquay, England. Filming was also carried out in a house on Hills Lane in Cookham, England. This was used to shoot Helga’s English house.


Furthermore, Cookham Dean Primary School on Bigfrith Lane in Cookham, England was used to film scenes set in the school. Filming in the UK was also undertaken at Charnwold in Cookham. Bray Studios in Berkshire was used as the production facility.


Yep, filming for ‘The Witches’ was also carried out in Norway. Scenes set in Helga’s house were actually filmed in Norway. To be more precise, these scenes had been shot on Elsesro 17 in Bergen, Norway. Other places in Norway where the movie was shot include Old Bergen Museum and Hardangerjøkulen glacier.

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