Is Lifetime’s The Wrong Life Coach Inspired by a True Story?

The David DeCoteau directorial, Lifetime’s ‘The Wrong Life Coach,’ is a thriller drama film that follows Jordan, a young woman who is struggling to cope with the pressure of her job, especially since she started to report to a new boss named Tara who is overtly stern with her. In order to get things in order and feel better, Jordan decides to take the help of a life coach, Liz.

Unfortunately, instead of mending her life, Liz plots to make things all the more complicated in Jordan’s life as she resorts to manipulation to ruin the young woman’s relationships with everyone in her life. Featuring impressive performances from Vivica A. Fox, Morgan Bradley, Allison McAtee, Michael Pare, Tracy Nelson, and Eric Roberts, the movie tackles certain real-life themes and elements, such as deception and manipulation, which makes the viewers question the authenticity of the thrilling tale.

Is The Wrong Life Coach a True Story?

No, ‘The Wrong Life Coach’ is not based on a true story. Three talented writers — Robert Dean Klein, Jeffrey Schenck, and Peter Sullivan — worked together and combined their writing skills to weave the enthralling tale for the Lifetime film. Since the three have previously collaborated on ‘As Luck Would Have It,’ ‘To Kill a Stepfather,’ ‘Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist,’ and more, their respective penmanship seemingly complements each other’s quite well, as it is evidently seen in the Vivica A. Fox starrer.

The predominant theme of an individual as professional as a life coach, or any other kind of coach for that matter, turning out to be psychotic is something that can be seen in the real world quite regularly. Unfortunately, most of you might have either heard of such a case or experienced it first-hand. This is one of the reasons why one might find ‘The Wrong Life Coach’ somewhat realistic and true to life. However, you might also find the themes and elements highlighted in the movie familiar due to the fact that they have been touched upon in multiple other film and TV projects over the years, such as ‘Psycho Yoga Instructor,’ ‘Bodyguard Seduction,’ and ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat.’

However, the thriller drama ‘You Can’t Escape Me’ has to be one of the aptest examples. Helmed by John Murlowski, the narrative revolves around a young woman who has had enough of her abusive husband and aspires to become a successful artist. In order to get away and reach out of his reach, she decides to start over by leaving the country and heading to Poland. Feeling that it would be safe for her, she moves in with an estranged college friend.

But as time passes by, the aspiring artist finds herself in even more danger. Featuring Gina Vitori and Alex Trumble, the film focuses on the theme of deception and how it is dangerous to trust someone blindly, both of which drive the plot of ‘The Wrong Life Coach.’ So, even though there are some seemingly realistic subject matters at play, it doesn’t change the fact that the Lifetime film is a work of fiction.

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