The Wrong Valentine: Everything We Know

‘The Wrong Valentine’ follows a young, intelligent student named Emily, who has a hard time making friends. After her father’s death, she tries to make a few changes in her life. She becomes open and honest about how she feels and who she is. With the help of Ms. Connelly, she finally starts enjoying her final year, but there is a catch. Emily still feels that she needs a guy in her life to be happy. As Valentine’s Day draws near, Emily thinks she needs someone special to enjoy her day with. But she is unaware that a boy already has his eyes on her. As the story unfolds, Emily must determine if he is the right guy for her or not.

Vivica A. Fox, who essays the role of Ms. Connelly, is also the producer of the film. Through the movie, Vivica wants to give girls a message. She thinks that girls tend to put a little too much effort into Valentine’s Day. Her final message to the female audience is that they don’t need to make such a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. The guy they have been stressing about might turn out to be the wrong person for them. The film is targeted at the younger female audience, and if you are curious where it has been filmed, you have come to the right place. Here’s everything we know.

The Wrong Valentine Filming Locations

‘The Wrong Valentine’ was filmed in California, United States. The state’s diverse terrain has everything, including forests, beautiful beaches, mountains, and deserts, which makes it an attractive location for filming. Evan Adams, who plays the role of David in the film, recently confirmed the shooting location in one of his Instagram posts. We dug a little deeper to find out the specific location where ‘The Wrong Valentine’ was shot. Here’s everything we could manage to find!

Los Angeles, California

The southern Californian city is the center of the T.V. and the film industry of the United States. ‘The Wrong Valentine’ was shot here entirely. As one of the most ethnically diverse places, the film city offers the most picturesque locations for filming. Its 10,000 feet high mountains and its beautiful beaches make Los Angeles one of the best locations for shooting in the world.

For Vivica A. Fox, Los Angeles has always been the primary filming location. Most of her films like’ True to the Game 2′ and some of the ‘Wrong’ franchise films, such as ‘The Wrong Mr. Right,’ have been shot in Los Angeles. She had confessed in one of her interviews that she shoots most of her movies in 10 days. Therefore, most of the production is limited to Los Angeles.

The Wrong Valentine Cast

‘The Wrong Valentine’ stars Vivica A. Fox, who plays the role of Ms. Connelly. She got roles in blockbuster films like ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Set It Off’ early in her career. Since then, she has been acting and producing films. She is well-known for her roles in the ‘Wrong’ franchise. The movie also stars Mariah Robinson as Emily, the confused teenager around whom the entire plot of the movie revolves. Evan Adams plays the role of David. Other notable characters include Ashley, Michelle, Mrs. Stein, Sara, and Pete, who are played by Arie Thompson, Jacqi Vene, Meredith Thomas, Savira Windyani, and Jake Marlow respectively.

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