Their Killer Affair Filming Locations and Cast Details

While the arrival of the Internet certainly made the world a smaller place, it also brought new kinds of threats along. We are all aware of stories about naive people being lured by online predators and then befalling horrible fates. Sadly, that is not where the risk ends. Such threats are often captured exceedingly well in modern thrillers, especially ones that involve a cyber-crime angle. The Lifetime movie, ‘Their Killer Affair’ weaves a rather engaging story set in the modern world which makes viewers’ jaws drop at every twist and turn.

‘Their Killer Affair’ revolves around a detective named Maxine “Max” Peyton. Her newest case involves an investigation into the murder of an “Adeline Lilly” user. Adeline Lily is a website which allows married users to meet other married people, with the intention of engaging in extra-marital affairs. It is like Tinder, but specifically for those who want to cheat on their partners. As weird as that may sound, Peyton becomes even more perplexed to learn about a charm that she finds on the dead body.

That is not where it ends. Peyton continues wondering whether the charm means anything till more bodies are reported with a similar charm on them. Just like that, her investigation turns into one revolving around a possible serial killer. It turns out that the others who are murdered are also users of Adeline Lilly. Hence, it becomes clear that the killer’s motif involves murdering people with the fetish of cheating on their partner using that website.

However, the case becomes even more complex! A hacktivist group named Incognito gets involved next. The group releases the names of Adeline Lilly users, indicating that it might be behind the previous deaths. Worse, there is an indication that there might be even more murders. Peyton is running out of time to figure out who might be behind the hacktivist group and/or the murders. As intense as this sound, it is just the blurb! The whole movie promises to be an even more intense and shocking whodunit.

Their Killer Affair Filming Locations

Several viewers would have wondered where ‘Their Killer Affair’ is filmed. Since the internet is evidently a big part of the plot, the story could have been set anywhere thanks to the technology’s universality. The movie relies on a super-fast plot with everything else taking a backseat.

Los Angeles, California

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough information regarding the filming locations of the Lifetime movie. One local source has indicated that filming was carried out in Los Angeles, California. However, we have no way of verifying that source because of the dearth of information available. That is the reason we do not even know the specific filming locations within Los Angeles where filming was carried out. However, given the fact that most Lifetime movies are filmed in L.A., the above-mentioned source might just be correct.

Their Killer Affair Cast: Who is in it?

The role of Maxine is played by the American actress, Melissa Archer. Some of the other productions that she has starred in include ‘Days of Our Lives,’ and ‘One Life to Live.’ Apart from that, Brandon Beemer plays a character named Nick Curtis. Beemer has also acted on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ apart from ‘The Bold and The Beautiful.’ Other cast members include Marlon Aquino, Lauralee Bell, Joel Berti, Matthew Brenher, Chris Delvin, and several others.

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