Them The Scare: Is Cheddar’s Pizza Palace a Real Place?

A serial killer terrorizes the streets of Los Angeles in the 1990s, and it falls upon LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve to catch him. Prime Video’s ‘Them: The Scare’ focuses on the investigation that unearths the truths that had been hidden for too long. What raises the stakes is Dawn’s realization that she has a much more personal connection with the victims as well as the killer. Meanwhile, we follow the story of a struggling actor who works a part-time job at a pizza place to make ends meet while he tries to land the role of a lifetime. With LA as the backdrop of the story, the pizza place’s location becomes a point of interest for the characters and the audience.

The Fictional Cheddar’s Pizza Palace Lays the Foundation of Edmund’s Story

While ‘Them: The Scare’ is set in LA, only a handful of scenes in the show have been filmed there. Most of the filming took place in Atlanta, which means that many locations that have been tagged as LA locales aren’t actually so in the series. This includes Cheddar’s Pizza Palace, which is a fictional location created to serve the show’s purpose. The scenes within the pizza place were most possibly filmed in a set and not in a real location.

While Cheddar’s Pizza Palace might be a made-up location, it is a rather important one for Edmund. When he is introduced in the show, we find him working a part-time job there. He dons the costume of a pig and entertains the audience with a dance. Even though it is not as serious, he uses it as an opportunity to sharpen his acting skills, often improvising the act, much to the ire of his manager.

Even though Edmund wants to be an actor, the pizza place still seems to be the place he doesn’t mind being. This is especially because here he gets to interact with the kids, something he is rather good at. He especially enjoys hanging out with the son of the woman he likes, and the way he is with her son makes her want to go on a date with him. In some ways, the pizza place feels like the only location where Edmund can be free, letting go of his insecurities and fears and being the best version of himself. This point is further proved when he goes down a dangerous spiral after he is fired from the job. It was the only thing keeping him afloat, financially as well as mentally, and when he loses that crutch, he falls into the pit of insanity and never comes out of it.

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