Them The Scare: Where Was Season 2 Filmed?

Under the creative direction of Little Marvin, ‘Them: The Scare’ introduces us to LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve, who is investigating the brutal murder of a foster home mother. The case draws attention and shock as the victim’s body is severely disfigured, with bones broken as if impacted by a freight train. With pressures mounting on local authorities, they are reluctant to admit that a serial killer may be on the loose in the community. Dawn begins to make progress in the case but notices strange occurrences in her home. To her horror, an ominous force begins to terrorize her and her family.

The second season of the Prime Video anthology series, ‘Them,’ is a horror drama that explores racial undertones through its gruesome narrative. The season takes us back to the 1990s and presents a collection of compelling characters, including the deeply troubled Edmund Gaines, viscerally depicted by Luke James. The show’s backdrop immerses us further, taking place in a charged political atmosphere at the brink of chaos.

Them: The Scare Filming Locations

‘Them: The Scare’ was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Georgia, with a few shots of Los Angeles. Shooting for the season was carried out for more than four months and was wrapped up by October 2022. The production team seemed very excited about their work on the show, especially Little Marvin himself. “There wasn’t a day I drove onto the lot that I didn’t see the wagons, get lil kid-giddy, and pinch myself for the company I’ve been blessed to keep this past 4 months,” wrote Marvin in an Instagram post. “It truly takes a village to make television. What a fearless, ferocious, committed, skilled, hysterical, lovable village we’ve had.”

Atlanta, Georgia

While the first season of ‘Them’ was shot in California, production for ‘Them: The Scare’ was based in the Hollywood of the South. The varied cityscape of Atlanta stands in for 1990s Los Angeles in ‘Them: The Scare.’ The city’s historic architecture and modern skyline provided the perfect backdrop for recreating the streets of 1991 Los Angeles, capturing the nostalgic essence of the time period.


The season also foreshadows the 1992 Los Angeles riots in the background of its episodes. This element can be witnessed in the first episode when protestors hold up signs around the city as Dawn reaches her place of work. As Detective Dawn Reeve walks to the Police Department, the tower-like skyscraper seen to her right is actually a 3D render and not an actual structure of Los Angeles or Atlanta.

Atlanta’s burgeoning film industry is a major reason why the production team chose the city as their base of operations. The advanced movie studios and numerous filming lots presented the team with a range of options to create the sets utilized for the season’s interior scenes. With its status as a growing movie hub, Atlanta attracts talent from across the country and, through its opportunities, grows its talent pool with increasingly experienced film crews, actors, and directors.

Sweetening the deal further is Atlanta’s robust infrastructure and a supportive local government, which provides generous tax incentives and makes filming in the city a smooth and seamless process. From obtaining permits to securing filming locations, the production team benefited from the city’s efficient and accommodating approach to filmmaking, allowing them to focus on bringing their story to life. “‘THEM,’ the new show I’m shooting with an amazing creative team,” wrote cinematographer Brendan Uegama on social media as he worked on the show. “Less than 2 months into photography, and I am excited and honored to be working with (Little Marvin) on this day after day. Such fantastic scripts and a phenomenal cast.”

Atlanta’s rise as a major filming hub can be traced back to the early 2000s when the state of Georgia began offering tax incentives to attract film and television productions. These incentives, which include a tax credit of up to 30% on qualified expenses, quickly made Georgia one of the most attractive filming locations in the country. The combination of economic incentives and a diverse range of filming locations has led to a surge in film and television productions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, which, in turn, has led to a rise in the number and quality of movie studios.

Los Angeles, California

Some sequences of ‘Them: The Scare’ capture the Los Angeles landscape in order to present an authentic backdrop for the historical time. The city appears in establishing shots throughout the show, presenting us with its urban sprawl in the context of social turmoil. From quintessential suburbs to a metropolitan landscape, the second season of ‘Them: The Scare’ recreates the 1990s City of Angels for its impactful storytelling.

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