Do Theo and Nan End Up Together in The Buccaneers?

There’s a lot going on in Apple TV+’s ‘The Buccaneers,’ but the drama that takes the cake is between Nan and her two suitors, Guy and Theo. She meets them under completely different circumstances, and after a bit of miscommunication and some bad timing, things get so complicated between the three of them that every move they make toward each other feels like walking around eggshells. By the time the season ends, the situation becomes even more twisted as Nan realizes what she really wants but also discovers that going through with that wish is a completely different thing. And that’s what pushes her towards Theo. SPOILERS AHEAD

Theo and Nan Get Married, But It’s Not a Happy Ending

When Nan and Theo first met, he immediately took a liking to her. By that time, she hadn’t completely fallen for Guy Thwarte, and she, too, entertained the idea of being with him. When he asked for her hand in marriage, she agreed. But then Guy came around, and it turned out that Nan’s feelings for him weren’t going to go away.

After a lot of back and forth and giving the situation a ton of thought, Nan eventually comes to the realization that she doesn’t love Theo. She might have agreed to marry him because of the connection she felt with him in their first meeting, but it was a fleeting thing, and it never really transformed into something more. With Guy, however, she’d felt something from the very first day, and the more time they spent in each other’s company, the more she fell for him.

In the end, it’s clear to all three parties in the love triangle that Theo is the odd one out. At first, he thought Guy was trying to steal his fiancee, but he thought that his best friend’s feelings were one-sided, and this assurance floated his boat. But then, he discovers that things are much more complicated because Nan also has feelings for Guy, and no matter what Theo tries, no matter how much he tries to show Nan that he loves her more, he just can’t get Guy out of the picture.

The day before the wedding, Theo asks Nan to give one last thought to whether or not she wants to marry him. This is her final chance to choose between the two of them, and whatever choice she makes, she’ll be stuck with it. He still loves her and hopes she’ll choose her, but he also knows that the thing between her and Guy could be stronger than her feelings for him, and she might never show up at the wedding. And she wouldn’t have if Jinny hadn’t come running to her.

The night before the wedding, Nan agrees to run away with Guy, but when she discovers that Jinny is being abused by her husband, she prioritizes her sister’s freedom over her own. The ticket that Guy had bought for Nan is given to Jinny, who is snuck out from James’ grasp. Nan could have run away with them. It’s not like they couldn’t have bought another ticket, but this wouldn’t have helped any of them. James would still come after Jinny, especially now that she was pregnant, and with Guy and Nan wielding no power or influence on the system, they wouldn’t have been able to keep Jinny safe for very long, no matter how far they took her.

So, in the end, no matter how she feels about Guy, Nan walks down the aisle and says her vows to Theo, who is completely unaware of what’s happened in the past few hours. For him, Nan showing up at the altar is a sign that she loves him and not Guy. What he doesn’t realize is that this wedding is only happening because she knows she’ll have the necessary power and influence as the Duchess of Tintagel, and with that, she’ll be able to help Jinny and bring her back home.

The wedding means that Nan and Theo are stuck with each other, but there is nothing happy about this ending. A marriage without love cannot survive, and with time, it will only make both of them miserable. Moreover, it’s not yet the end for ‘The Buccaneers,’ which means there is so much more to Nan’s story. She and Guy might yet have a chance to have their happy ending.

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