There’s Something in the Barn: All Filming Locations Explored

‘There’s Something in the Barn’ transports us to the scenic tundra of Norway along with a family that moves there after inheriting a Nordic estate. Their journey takes them across the wilderness of the Norwegian countryside and ends at a remote village. As the family begins to settle into their new home, the younger child spots something dwelling in their barn. A local resident informs him of the barn elves (fjøsnisse) of folklore, who hate changes to the barn, artificial lighting, and loud noises. With Christmas approaching, the newcomers do all three, provoking the barn elves into a frenzy, which leads the family on a comical yet thrilling fight for survival.

The 2023 holiday horror comedy film is highlighted by its suspenseful plot, serene snowcapped setting, and an entertaining blend of Christmas ambiance and quirky thrills. The hauntingly beautiful Nordic landscape juxtaposes perfectly with the vibrant Christmas decor and relentless attacks of the elves. The isolated, snowy setting feeds into the film’s 1980s horror feel, which is further complemented by the village’s lack of a police force and firearms. With the narrative revolving around such an intriguing location, those who enjoyed the film will likely find themselves wanting to learn specifics about the filming sites behind the camera.

Where Was There’s Something in the Barn Filmed?

The first leg of filming for ‘There’s Something in the Barn’ took place on a set in Vilnius, Lithuania, starting in early November of 2022, and concluding on the 21st of the same month. The second half of the movie was filmed on location in the town of Lillehammer, and the villages of Tretten and Ringebu, Norway. Principal photography for the film was ultimately wrapped up by December 16, 2022. Interestingly, the film was initially set to shoot in early 2022 but was delayed when a new wave of COVID-19 hit. However, this gave the producers a chance to cast Martin Starr in the movie, as he wasn’t available on the initial filming schedule.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The film crew traveled to the capital of Lithuania to make use of Green Screen Studio, nestled in the heart of Vilnius. Scouted by their partners in Artbox Production House, the studio became the filming site for most of the interior scenes of ‘There’s Something in the Barn.’ Lithuania and its capital city are increasingly becoming a filmmaker’s paradise. With few restrictions and low production costs, many films shifted their sets to Lithuania, avoiding restrictions prevalent in the western world during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Tretten, Norway

For the second month of filming, the film crew traveled to Norway and utilized the quaint expanse of the ski resort town of Tretten to set up the main environment for the movie. This includes the Nordheim family’s house and barn, which form the basis of the film’s narrative. When the production team arrived at the site in November, they were unpleasantly surprised to find that it hadn’t snowed there yet, which threw off their plans and also left the skiing town deserted. “We didn’t get snow. I don’t know if you’ve heard of global warming,” said lead actor Martin Starr in an interview. “I think it was late November, so we had to actually bring snow in by the truckload to make it feel the way that we needed it to for the movie. So that’s fun.”

Ringebu, Norway

Just north of Tretten, the municipality of Ringebu and its surrounding wilderness briefly feature in a few scenes of ‘There’s Something in the Barn.’ The film crew arrived at the shooting location to once again discover a verdant landscape that hadn’t had snowfall yet, which would have disrupted their Christmas-themed shots. Thankfully, snow graced the region the very next day, and the sequence of the Nordheims traversing a winter wonderland on their way to the estate was shot here.

Lillehammer, Norway

Their most populous filming location, Lillehammer, served as a hub for the film crew during their time in Norway. Considered a ski resort town, Lillehammer rests beside the picturesque Mjøsa Lake and is known for being a serene holiday retreat. Filming for a few scenes of the movie took place along Main Street in Lillehammer.

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