Lifetime’s Theresa Caputo Raising Spirits: Shooting Sites and Cast

Lifetime’s ‘Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits’ is a reality television show that follows the spiritual medium, Theresa Caputo, in a behind-the-scenes look at her work, and family living. Touching lives wherever she goes, Theresa communicates with the souls of the deceased to provide closure and comfort to their family members left behind. When she is not reaching out to the dead, Theresa is a family woman to the core, deeply involved with the lives of her children as she dotes on her granddaughter.

The show takes us on a journey with Theresa, from her mundane times of going out to eat to her sold-out shows on her tour. Following the medium’s thrilling and heartwarming life from her home to international arenas, the show may ignite curiosity in many regarding the locales that feature throughout, giving rise to the question of where it is filmed.

Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits Filming Locations

‘Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits’ is filmed primarily around Theresa Caputo’s hometown in Long Island, and trails her as she goes on tour all around the United States and London. Principal photography was carried out at multiple points throughout 2023, catching up with the spiritual medium at different events of her life, from her son’s wedding in Italy to visiting her parents next door.

Speaking about the TV show and how it’s different from TLC’s ‘Long Island Medium,’ she said, “I still speak to the souls of the departed, so don’t worry about that. But what I love is that we go a little bit more into my personal life with my family, my parents and my granddaughter,” Allow us to guide you through the locales seen throughout the Lifetime show as we travel to Theresa’s world.

Long Island, New York

Theresa Caputo was born and raised in Hicksville, on Long Island, and has stayed in the same neighborhood since. Most of Theresa’s life and loved ones are centered around Long Island. It therefore stands to reason that most of the show is lensed in the New York territory, following her everyday life. Nestled within the town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, Hicksville is a hamlet home to the medium and her close family, including parents, children, and her grandchild.

In the first episode, we follow Theresa around town to a local establishment where she plans to carry out a reading before heading off on her tour. As she frequently does shows around her local communities, we see scenes of multiple towns in Long Island, including the hamlet of Huntington in Suffolk County.

Lake Como, Italy

Just prior to her London tour, the loving mother in ‘Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits’ travels to Lake Como in northern Italy’s Lombardy region for her son’s wedding. The wedding between the long-time couple took place on June 10, 2023, the same day as Theresa’s 56th birthday. We are privy to the incredibly emotional moments as the medium tears up, seeing her son create his own family, something so many people she meets don’t have. The show follows them around the breathtaking landscape as they sightsee, ride a cable car, and celebrate their lives.

London, the UK

‘Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits’ takes us to London as Theresa hosts an event in the capital city’s iconic O2 arena at Peninsula Square. With a capacity of 20,000, the arena is nearly filled up by fans of the star medium. She talks with them about her gifts, explaining how she is able to communicate with those beyond the veil. The stage becomes a ground for her to dissipate her healing messages from the deceased loved ones of those present, and renew their faith in God and Heaven. The O2 arena is a world-renowned stage that has seen some of the biggest stars of entertainment history perform there, including Prince and Michael Jackson, while Ariana Grande’s event at the venue was canceled due to the Manchester Arena bombing.

Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits Cast

Theresa Caputo stars as her most authentic self in ‘Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits.’ Renowned for her extraordinary abilities as a spiritual medium, Theresa Caputo has become a household name in the realm of supernatural communication. With a distinct flair and a comforting demeanor, Caputo has captivated audiences worldwide through her TV stardom. Best known for her hit reality show, ‘Long Island Medium,’ she brings a unique blend of warmth and authenticity to the exploration of the spiritual realm. Through her innate gift of connecting with departed souls, Caputo has provided solace and closure to countless individuals seeking answers.

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