They Cloned Tyrone: Is Got Damn Chicken Fries Real? Why Does Everyone Laugh After Eating It?

Image Credit: Parrish Lewis/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ is a sci-fi comedy movie that bends the genre and delivers something that is entertaining and gripping. It follows the story of Fontiane, a drug dealer who discovers he is a clone. As he digs deeper into the mystery that has completely unraveled his life, he discovers that he is but a part of a much bigger plan that is supposed to change the world. He is joined in the quest by his customer, Slick Charles, and his employee, Yo-yo, and eventually, the entire neighborhood comes to their aid.

The film has many twists and turns with many bizarre details that make it such an engaging watch. One of the scenes that makes us wonder what’s going on in the film is where the characters each chicken fries and start acting weirdly. If you are wondering whether there are real chicken fries of that name and what happens to the people after eating them, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Got Damn Chicken Fries is a Fictional Element

Image Credit: Parrish Lewis/Netflix

‘They Cloned Tyrone’ is a fictional story by Juel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier. All of the characters and things shown in the movie are made up, including the Got Damn Chicken Fries. They are added to the plot to feed into the narrative of the mind control experiments conducted through a secret government project. The public is used as the control group, and the ones in charge don’t seem bothered by what the experiments might do to the people.

When it comes to mind control experiments in real life, the most infamous one is MK-ULTRA. Put into motion during the early years of the Cold War; it was a secret program by the CIA. They wanted to create and weaponize a mind control drug that could be used against the enemies. It was operational during the 50s and the early 60s and came to be known as the “most sustained search in history for techniques of mind control.”

The experiments were conducted on prisoners and in detention centers, where things like LSD and electroshock were used during the research phase. These experiments never amounted to anything, but they resulted in many people’s deaths while inflicting permanent damage on others.

The Mystery of the Laughing Diner

Image Credit: April Olivia Ewell/Netflix

Fontaine, Yo-yo, and Slick investigate the secret laboratory they stumbled upon while looking for answers. They discover a white powder. It looks like cocaine, but it’s not. Slick tastes it a little, and a few minutes later, he finds himself giggling, even when he doesn’t want to. Later, he sees the same thing happen at the diner where everyone eats Got Damn Chicken Fries. Slick first notices Fontaine laughing, which he has never seen before. This raises a red flag for him, and then he notices everyone else in the diner laughing too.

Slick realizes the fries must have the white powder he found in the lab. This means that the fries are a part of the experiment too. When Yo-yo looks into it, she discovers that everyone in their entire neighborhood is being watched. They are part of a control group, which means that they are being experimented on. Sometime later, they discover this is part of a mind control experiment.

The white powder is in everything, from the fries to the hair dye they use. It is being used to change people’s moods and make them more docile so that they will follow orders and do whatever is asked of them. But mind control is not where the experiments stop. It is just the beginning of a much bigger conspiracy.

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