Netflix’s Through My Window Looking At You: All Filming Sites Explored

‘Through My Window: Looking At You’ or ‘A través de tu mirada,’ helmed by Marçal Forés, is a Spanish-language Netflix film that continues the romance of Raquel and Ares in the third part of a saga adapted from Ariana Godoy’s popular novel of the same name. Having suffered through heartbreak after failing at their long-distance relationship, the starcrossed lovers meet once again over summer among the stunning landscapes of Costa Brava. Despite their reunion, all is not well, as the two erstwhile lovers face impossible choices before them.

Uncertain of their future together, Ares and Raquel try to stay distant, communicating poignantly across their windows. Each of them has a prospective partner who offers to make them forget about their past love. In Ares’ case, his suitor comes attached to a large business deal that his partners begin to pressure him into. As the film’s characters embark upon their romantic escapades across the picturesque landscapes of Costa Brava, many must find themselves pondering about the actual locations where ‘Through My Window: Looking At You’ was filmed.

Through My Window: Looking At You Filming Locations

The Spanish romantic movie was primarily filmed in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Principal photography reportedly began on April 28, 2022, and was wrapped up after more than two months by July 9, 2022. ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’ and ‘Through My Window: Looking At You’ were shot concurrently, which caused some challenges for the cast and crew in keeping the cannon straight.

When asked about the filming process in an interview, actor Eric Masip, who essays Artemis, said, “We shot them back to back but some things were in the middle. So they were asking stuff in interviews and we were like – damn I don’t remember if this was the second movie or the third movie.” Allow us to take you through the backdrops seen in the film.

Barcelona, Spain

Located in the Catalonia region, Barcelona provides a breathtaking backdrop for ‘Through My Window: Looking At You,’ adding further depth and allure to the film’s romantic narrative. Known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and picturesque coastline, Barcelona offers a captivating setting that perfectly complements the story of love and longing.

The city’s iconic beaches and coastal landscapes serve as both backgrounds and characters in the film, imbuing scenes with a sense of thoughtfulness and enchantment. When Raquel looks over her balcony with a seaside view, we can observe Barcelona’s beachside skyline in the distance. Among the landmarks seen in such shots are the W Barcelona Hotel, which is known locally as Hotel Vela, along with Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre, which are the tallest buildings in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s vibrant urban scenes and nightlife provide a believable canvas for the characters’ adventures and parties. From lively street festivals to intimate cafes tucked away in hidden corners of the city, Barcelona presents a wealth of settings for the characters to explore and discover their true feelings for each other. Additionally, Barcelona’s status as a global hub for arts and entertainment ensures that the production crew has access to top-notch production facilities and a talented pool of local actors and crew members.

Barcelona’s refreshing combination of history, culture, and natural beauty has historically made it a sought-after filming destination ever since the invention of motion pictures. The entire city is regarded as an open-air set, one that is especially attuned to romantic tales like those of Raquel and Ares. Some other productions housed in Barcelona include ‘Ocaña, retrat intermitent,’ ‘The Spanish Apartment,’ ‘Manual of Love 2,’ ‘Any de Gràcia,’ ‘Kiss Me,’ and ‘Three Steps Above Heaven.’

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