TIK PIK Guitar Pick Update: A Shark Tank Success Story

The art of creating music is an intensely emotional and personal endeavor, a profound expression that stems from the heart and soul. However, music is not only about the raw emotion but also about the tools that bring it to life. Musicians often find themselves in a delicate dance with their instruments and accessories, each element contributing to the symphony they aim to create. For guitarists, in particular, the choice of picks is paramount, but these small yet crucial components can often be elusive, leading to interruptions and frustrations during performance. Additionally, extended playing sessions can lead to finger fatigue, affecting the overall experience. Recognizing these common challenges, TIK PIK stepped onto the stage during the fifteenth season of ‘Shark Tank,’ poised to offer an innovative solution that could potentially redefine the way guitarists approach their craft.

The Team Behind TIK PIK

TIK PIK is a venture born out of the collective passion and expertise of five dynamic partners. At the helm of this innovative startup is Nick Nowak, who serves as the CEO. Nick is more than just a business leader; he is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, celebrated under the stage name Nicholas George. As the founder of Skog Å Kust outdoor gear and a co-founder of Breakers Beach Supply, he brings an entrepreneurial spirit deeply intertwined with the world of music.

Joining Nick is Kevin Mac, the COO responsible for corporate sales. A national touring country artist and prolific songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, Kevin’s musical journey is a testament to his love for the craft. He is also the founder of Elsie Marshall – The Shot Granny’s Whiskey, inspired by his hit song “Granny Drinks Whiskey.” The team’s musical prowess extends further with Jacob Lyda, who takes on the role of VP of Artist Development. Jacob is a seasoned professional musician, singer, and songwriter, with a robust track record of penning songs for renowned artists, including Blake Shelton.

Adding a corporate perspective to this harmonious ensemble is Mike Stalnaker, who serves as the CFO. Although Mike does not strum the guitar himself his deep interest in music and business acumen make him a valuable addition to the team. Finally, Nicholas Wolfs, the VP of Artist Development, is also a co-founder of Breakers Beach. His multifaceted involvement brings an extra layer of versatility to TIK PIK, further solidifying its commitment to the world of music and musicians.

As passionate musicians themselves, the founders of TIK PIK had a deep understanding of the common challenges that guitarists face when using traditional guitar picks. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to embark on a journey to create a product that could address these issues and provide a practical solution for guitarists of all skill levels. Drawing from their own experiences as musicians, they were determined to revolutionize the way guitarists interact with their instruments, resulting in the creation of TIK PIK

At the heart of TIK PIK’s innovative approach is a groundbreaking patent-pending nano-suction technology that redefines the conventional guitar pick experience. This cutting-edge solution adheres to the guitar’s surface without the need for adhesives, ensuring ease of application and removal. The magic lies in the thousands of microscopic suction cups employed in this technology, effectively securing the pick to the guitar’s surface. Beyond its adhesive-free convenience, TIK PIK’s design offers a non-slip grip that mirrors the comfort of memory foam while providing a firm and reliable hold. This combination of usability and comfort makes it a game-changer for guitarists, promising a more enjoyable and fluid playing experience.

Where is TIK PIK Now?

TIK PIK caters to the diverse preferences of guitarists by providing picks in three distinct gauges: thin, medium, and heavy. This thoughtful variety ensures that musicians can select the perfect pick for their specific playing style, whether it involves delicate fingerpicking or robust strumming. The picks are thoughtfully color-coded, simplifying the identification process, and come with a convenient storage case. TIK PIK’s commitment to being consumer-centric is evident in its packaging, which includes options for 3-pick and 6-pick packs. This not only offers affordability but also encourages musicians to explore and experiment with different styles and gauges of picks.

Carrying the tagline “The Pick That Sticks,” TIK PIK has not only gained attention for its innovative guitar picks but also for its commitment to enhancing the playing experience for guitarists. Since its successful appearance on Shark Tank, this company, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has expanded its horizons. They’ve introduced merchandise like t-shirts, further strengthening their connection with customers. TIK PIK goes the extra mile by offering video tutorials on cleaning and maintaining their picks to ensure lasting quality. The website proudly showcases testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers, serving as a testament to their high-quality products. As they continue to soar in the music industry, it’s evident that TIK PIK is just getting started.

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