Are Timothy and Jeniffer From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

Featuring on season 3 of the show’s prequel spin-off ’90 Days Fiance: Before The 90 Days’, Timothy and Jeniffer had a rocky relationship from the start. The duo not only gained attention for all the wrong reasons but also went on to become one of the unhealthiest couples of the season. The couple’s constant fighting led fans to believe that their relationship wouldn’t survive. Therefore, their storyline was followed more for drama and less for love (or the lack of).

Timothy and Jeniffer: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Timothy, in his late thirties and belonging to North Carolina, is a gun business owner who met the beautiful Colombian model in her mid-twenties, Jeniffer, online on a dating app. Timothy was afraid that Jeniffer might be out of his league as she was quite attractive. But, the duo started conversing and eventually fell in love. Shortly after, Timothy flew down to Colombia to meet his lady love, and that marked the beginning of their problems.

While Jeniffer is a single mother to a cute three-year-old girl, Timothy also co-parents his ex-fiance’s young daughter, who is biologically not his, but they still share a father-daughter relationship. His ex-fiance of nine years, Veronica, is shown to be very involved in Timothy’s life and their friendship is a bit too deep for Jeniffer’s comfort. She raised this issue quite a lot of times and expressed her displeasure at Timothy and Veronica’s closeness. Timothy tried to explain but they could never smooth out this obstacle.

Another issue that Jeniffer had was the lack of intimacy between her and Timothy. She tried to make a move on him many times but he always seemed to be reluctant. She got so frustrated that she even questioned his sexual orientation in a fit of rage. This sparked rumors among followers who started to wonder if Timothy was gay or transgender. Timothy shut down these rumors and denied all such claims. He said that he knew that he has a few feminine traits but that doesn’t mean he is gay. He also confessed that sex wasn’t so important to him than building a strong foundation was. Things got so bad that people asked him to get his testosterone levels checked. The poor guy was criticized for his skincare routines, grooming sessions, taste in fashion, and even the way he crossed his legs while sitting. Jeniffer later apologized and made it clear to fans that she knew he wasn’t gay, and she respected him for taking things slow.

The couple ran into yet another problem when Timothy didn’t pop the question but instead gave Jeniffer a promise ring that belonged to Veronica earlier. It was the same ring he had proposed to Veronica with, and that obviously didn’t go down well with Jeniffer. Timothy returned to the states shortly after and the couple had failed to get intimate.

Are Timothy and Jeniffer Still Together?

According to their respective social media accounts, it doesn’t seem like they are still together. Even though the couple hasn’t made an official statement about their breakup, it looks like they have called it quits as per some hints on Instagram.

Timothy and Jeniffer were still together after the season aired, and Jeniffer had also revealed her plans of visiting America to spend some time with Timothy. But since then, it seems like a lot has changed. Neither of the two post anything about each other. While Timothy is following Jeniffer on Instagram, she isn’t following him back.

Timothy had also later revealed that he thought Jeniffer was with him only because of his lavish lifestyle. He also confessed that the show was just the perfect opportunity to be on television. It seems as though Timothy’s heart wasn’t in the right place. He seems to be single and is seen spending time with his daughter.

On the other hand, Jeniffer recently held a Q&A session on Instagram, wherein she confessed to being single and letting love find her. She has also been seen with other men multiple times. If rumors are to be believed, she might be currently dating DJ Diplo!

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