Tina Leung Net Worth: How Rich is Bling Empire Star?

Within the fashion industry, especially in New York City, New York, Tina Leung is a much-respected figure. Her impeccable style, combined with her influencer skills, has helped her become an icon. Needless to say, her appearance in Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire: New York’ has left many viewers curious about her work and just how much is the fashionista’s net worth. Well, if you are here to explore the same, we have you covered!

How Did Tina Leung Earn Her Money?

It was not always that Tina Leung knew that she was meant for the fashion industry. After spending the early years of her life in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, California, she became a student at Bates College in Maine. However, just after a year, she transferred to Bristol University in order to study drama. Soon, Tina packed her bags and moved to New York. While in the Big Apple, she joined the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Thanks to studying styling and working with various stylists within the city, Tina soon developed a keen interest in the field of fashion and has skills to match her passion. Her first job was in association with Prestige Hong Kong magazine. While working there, she would often assist others, conduct interviews, and spend long nights on photoshoots. However, all of this only served to make Tima more eager for her work.

In 2011, Tina launched her blog, TinaLoves.com, which pushed her career forward. “I primarily did my blog to show my family and friends what I did all day,” she told Prestige. “It started off small, and when Instagram came by, I loved it as I always took pictures, and I’m a very visual person. I was an early proponent of it, but it started slow and steady – then suddenly the numbers began to grow.”

Given her amazing skills, Tima has worked with brands like Valentino, Prada, Chanel, and Loewe. As one of the most well-connected influencers, the Netflix star is often seen in Fashion Weeks around the world. With front-row seats to shows of Paco Rabanne, Gucci, Mugler, Miu Miu, and much more, there is certainly no doubt about the respect that she has earned over the years. Having first attended the Paris Fashion Week in 2012, thanks to Dior, Tina has been in love with the event ever since. Presently, she has over 330 thousand Instagram followers.

Tina is also a part of Slaysians, a group of Asian-American fashion experts who are always ready to boost each other. Additionally, the reality TV star is featured in ‘House of Slay,’ a comic series. In the story, she and her friends are still part of New York’s fashion world but gain superpowers thanks to an ancient deity. The series aims to serve as an inspiration to other members of the Asian-American community and raise awareness about various societal issues.

Tina Leung’s Net Worth

With her impressive Instagram following, it is not hard to guess that Tina Leung is earning a significant amount of money. An influencer with a similar amount of followers would generally earn about $300,000 per year. In fact, a person with a similar amount of followers to Tina earns an average of $1000-5000 for every branded post. However, Tina often partners with high-end brands and is a prominent figure in reputed fashion events, which means that she makes significantly more money. Additionally, she also makes money from other sources, like being a part of a comic series, which typically adds about $50,000 to one’s annual income. Considering all her income sources, we estimate Tina Leung’s net worth to be close to $4.5 million.

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