Tina Stewart Murder: Where is Shanterrica Madden Now?

In March 2011, simmering tensions between two roommates reached a breaking point, resulting in a violent confrontation. This ended with Clantina “Tina” Stewart dying. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Roommate: Three’s A Crowd’ delves into what led up to the fight between Tina and her roommate, Shanterrica Madden, and how the story unfolded after that. So, if you’re curious about the same, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Tina Stewart Die?

Tina was originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and was a junior at the Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County. At the time, she played for the university’s women’s basketball team as a guard and was a vital member of the squad. Tina had been living in an off-campus apartment with Shanterrica since August 2010. She had been described as a talented and gifted athlete.

Sometime before 7 PM on March 2, 2011, Tina’s boyfriend called 911 after finding her in a pool of blood inside her bedroom. She had been stabbed several times and was barely hanging on to life. The authorities arrived and rushed the 21-year-old to the hospital, but it was too late. Tina succumbed to her injuries at the Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro.

Who Killed Tina Stewart?

Tina and Shanterrica initially got along quite well, and there was no animosity between them. However, that changed just two weeks into their time living together when, as per the show, Shanterrica began using Tina’s things without permission. Over time, their issues kept piling on, causing a lot of arguments and discord between the two. While Tina wanted a clean house, she felt Shanterrrica was often messy.

Furthermore, Shanterrica didn’t appreciate Tina and her friends being loud during parties because that interfered with her studying. The tensions between the two showed no signs of dying down, with Tina having a problem with Shanterrica’s marijuana smoking. As per the show, Tina felt this would affect her basketball scholarship. In the time before the incident, Tina even called the police on Shanterrica and her friend, who were smoking in Shanterrica’s bedroom.

While the police left after just a warning, Shanterrica was furious about Tina making that call. During a heated argument, Shanterrica and Tina’s altercation turned physical. As per the show, Shanterrica later claimed that Tina shoved her first. Then, her lawyer stated that Tina was the one who beat her repeatedly. There was evidence of an abrasion on Shanterrica’s face in addition to swollen eyes.

During the altercation inside Tina’s bedroom, Shanterrica got hold of a knife and stabbed Tina several times. While Shanterrica claimed self-defense, her actions after the fight didn’t align with that. She later admitted to not helping her roommate and not calling 911. Instead, Shanterrica sent texts from Tina’s phone to her friends, ensuring they didn’t come home. She also disposed of the murder weapon, wrapping it in a blanket with another knife and throwing them in a dumpster.

Where is Shanterrica Madden Today?

At Shanterrica’s trial, she maintained that the attack was in self-defense. However, in May 2012, she was found guilty of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence after a jury deliberated for about two hours. The tampering charge resulted from Shanterrica trying to get rid of the knife. In July 2012, then 20 years old, she was sentenced to 25 years for the murder and a consecutive four years for tampering. Prison records indicate that Shanterrica remains incarcerated at West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning, Lauderdale County. She will be eligible for release in October 2034.

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