Tinah Ogalo: Love Undercover Participant is a Proud Podcaster

As a reality dating series living up to its title in every way conceivable by revolving around five athletes as they try to find “the one” without the backing of their status, Peacock’s ‘Love Undercover’ is unlike any other. That’s because while these athletes are international soccer superstars, every single one of their potential partners is an unwitting American woman with a requirement list of her own, amongst whom was Tinah Ogalo.

Tinah Ogalo Knows What She Wants

From the moment we first came across 25-year-old podcaster Tinah on our screens, she’d made it clear she was looking for someone to be her partner and her equal in every sense of the way. She admittedly had a long list of things she wanted to have personality as well as career-wise, yet she also conceded what mattered most was honesty and a good heart. That’s why she initially chose to go on a date with a rather innocent-looking 29-year-old Sebastián Fassi, but alas, their vibe did not match since he didn’t really answer a lot of her questions.

Yes, Tinah had a lot to ask him, considering his career, family, as well as passions, only to grow even more intrigued when he dodged or nervously replied to a lot of them since he couldn’t reveal his true identity. She obviously didn’t know this and saw it as a red flag, which is why she began leaning more toward 36-year-old Jamie O’Hara when the group finally met for the first time. However, upon realizing he was behaving in a rather similar pattern and that she wasn’t attracted to him or any of the remaining men, she made the decision to leave.

Tinah knew what she had to offer and what she desired, so the minute she realized this experience wouldn’t yield the same, she backed out of it without any hard feelings toward anyone. It was only then that the truth about the men’s careers was revealed to her, making her scream in delight because she knew something was up – nevertheless, her opinion about anything didn’t change. In the end, she conceded that even though her time in this experiment was short, she didn’t regret a single thing because it only made her realize there’s more to people than what meets the eye and that she definitely deserves what she wants.

Where is Tinah Ogalo Now?

From what we can tell as of writing, Tinah is still based in New York City, New York, where she serves as a podcaster, a rising influencer, as well as a social media associate producer. In fact, this Rutger’s University Journalism graduate is the host and executive producer of ‘In your Twentys,’ a podcast she has been holding since the early COVID-19 days of April 2020. Moreover, she holds the title of Social Media Associate Producer + Coordinator of MTV Entertainment Group at Paramount, enabling her to really have a foot in the entertainment industry at all times. As for her personal standing, it appears as if Tinah is single as of writing and simply focusing on building a comfortable, happy, stable life for herself.

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