Netflix’s Tires: Exploring All Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Tires’ is a workplace comedy show that centers on Shane, a laid-back employee at his cousin Will’s tire shop. Will struggles to manage his father’s shop, and his work isn’t made easier by Shane and the other employees, who remain unmotivated and frequently cause disruptions. When the shop faces closure, Shane takes it upon himself to rally the staff and sell tires using unconventional marketing tactics.

Co-created by Shane Gillis, Steven Gerben, and John McKeever, the show is set in Valley Forge and revolves around the Valley Forge Automotive Center and its employees. Each episode treats us to the minimalist interiors of the shop and the gritty streets surrounding it. Appraising the familiar environments, some viewers may find themselves investigating the actual filming sites of the show.

Where Was Tires Filmed?

‘Tires’ is shot in West Chester, Pennsylvania, as opposed to its projected location of Valley Forge, just northeast of West Chester. Filming for the first season of the show was carried out in 2023. The show was reportedly shot in a short duration, and the relatively small team working on it seemed to get along quite well. “Not lying when I say these are absolutely some of the best people I’ve ever worked with,” wrote cast member Jenny Jams in the caption of an image she shared on Instagram. “Every day on set never feels like work. We have a blast and never stop laughing. Forever grateful for this family.”

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Filming for ‘Tires’ largely takes place in and around a single site in West Chester, a borough within the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The tire shop that hosts the primary set of the series is Tires Etc on 640 East Gay Street. It is a fully functioning automotive service specializing in tires and repairs. The shop has been in business since 2014 and briefly paused operations while the show carried out filming on its premises. Located within a quaint commercial district, the shop became a perfect destination to create the Valley Forge Automotive Center.

When the characters are outside the shop, we can observe the businesses around Gay Street, like Parkway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Pete’s Express Car Wash. When Shane is in the parking lot behind the shop, we can see the distinct red-tiled roof of the TruMark Financial Credit Union on 700 East Market Street. Shane Gillis is a Pennsylvania native, and he likely felt comfortable scouting and selecting shooting locations in his home state. Another contributing factor to choosing this filming site was that Gillis initially self-financed and independently produced the show, which was later acquired by Netflix.

West Chester is best known for West Chester University, a public institution central to the township’s community. The borough is surrounded by abundant green spaces, parks, and trails, offering hikers and outdoor enthusiasts abundant forest trails. West Chester’s proximity to major highways and transportation hubs has created an active automotive service community, a majority of which is centered around the film’s shooting locations along Gay Street.

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