Will Will and Reagan End Up Together in Tires?

Netflix’s workplace comedy series ‘Tires’ ends with the protagonist, Will, having sex with Reagan, one of the women who gets hired by the former and his employee Shane for the “bikini car wash” day. Will and Reagan’s unexpected intimacy stuns the manager’s colleagues, who have been under the impression that he can never woo a woman. When John, his father, learns about the couple’s night of intimacy, the auto repair shop chain owner starts to believe that his son is changed for good. Even though Will’s colleagues are celebrating the duo’s union, it can be a bit early to accept them as a couple with a future! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Complications in Will and Reagan’s Relationship

Will and Reagan’s union is a surprise to not only the former’s colleagues but also himself. As someone who has failed to strike a romantic relationship with someone for long, Will is constantly ridiculed for his lack of ability and luck in the game of love. Even his father, John, is convinced that it is impossible for his son to be successful when it comes to romance. That is the reason why Will and Reagan’s intimacy gets celebrated in his Valley Forge branch. Considering his history with women, the people around him may want him to stick with Reagan for as long as he can.

Will and Reagan’s night of intimacy is a wholesome development for the viewers as well. Even though he is not a perfect man, Will is someone with unignorable goodness in him. He is a gentle individual who looks after his colleagues and an ambitious person who is eager to prove his worth. In light of the connection the protagonist makes with the viewers, everyone may agree that he deserves to be in a relationship. However, the first season of the sitcom hasn’t provided enough indications for us to be hopeful about the duo’s togetherness. The chances of Will and Reagan’s relationship being a one-night stand are high.

The primary concern regarding Will and Reagan’s relationship is their compatibility. The auto repair shop manager is a simple man with few joys to cherish. On the other hand, Reagan is adventurous. She lives with snakes, which clearly freaks Will out. After being celibate for a long period, the prospect of having sex and cherishing company may have convinced Will to leave for Reagan’s house. But once the novelty of sex fades, Valley Forge’s heir may realize that his partner is not the right person for him. Considering how open and free Reagan is, it will not be a surprise if she initiates the breakup rather than Will.

Furthermore, the climax of the sitcom’s first season indicates that Will and Reagan’s togetherness is likely destined to be short-lived. The relationship can be a plot detail conceived solely to display Will’s worth in front of John, who is adamant about selling the Valley Forge empire to Marilyn’s Mufflers. When John shows up at his son’s branch to announce that the sale is imminent, Will tries his best to convince his father that he has an idea to save their company. Since the shop manager has a terrible track record when it comes to ideas, John decides against even listening to the new one. However, the company owner’s mind changes when he learns that his son had sex.

Will and Reagan’s relationship convinces John that the former has changed enough to warrant another chance to prove himself. Since the first installment ends with the father reconnecting with the son, the possibility of the latter’s relationship with Reagan being a part of the reunion storyline cannot be ruled out. If that’s the case, we may not need to look forward to Will and Reagan ending up together in the already-announced second season of the workplace comedy.

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