To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 14 Recap: Morning of Rebirth

In the fourteenth episode of ‘To Your Eternity’ or ‘Fumetsu no Anata e’ season 2 titled ‘Morning of Rebirth,’ Princess Alma meets Fushi to ask for his help in rebuilding the castle. Pocoa arrives in the city of Renril with some of its soldiers and tries to look for a boyfriend in his free time. Meanwhile, Fushi completes the redevelopment work with the Nokker attack barely a few weeks away.

Alma Asks for Fushi’s Help

After Fushi has gained public acceptance and support, he walks through the markets of Renril unafraid of everything. It marks the beginning of a new journey as he now looks forward to defending the people, who look up to him as a hero and not just as an enemy. While he is walking around in the city, he is suddenly confronted by Princess Alma and her soldiers. Interestingly, she speaks to him with a lot of reverence and asks for his help in rebuilding the castle. But before that happens, she takes him to the castle itself to introduce him to her father. Unfortunately, when they arrive in his room, he is strangely missing.

That’s when Fushi feels that someone is in deep pain near him. He immediately apologizes to Princess Alma and runs to help the person in need. Just a few meters away in another part of the castle, he finds an old man. He talks to him briefly to confirm that he is in pain, but when Fushi tells him that he is going to call a doctor, the old man asks him not to do so. Interestingly, he reveals that nothing could be done for him as his body is weakening presumable because of old age. Princess Alma soon finds Fushi and informs him that the old man is actually her father, Majesty King Boldron of Sonia.

Fushi soon takes his permission as well to rebuild the entire castle and soon manages to do it successfully. Meanwhile, Pocoa also arrives in Renril with some soldiers from the Uralis Kingdom and explores the city. She looks for a boyfriend and also helps in the redevelopment work albeit quite briefly. Pocoa eventually has a long conversation with Kahaku after she gets bored with the new city. That’s when she and Kahaku find out that Nokkers communicate primarily through emotions.

They also believe pain and suffering are evil while noting that the body is one of its sources.However, the last revelation is a bit shocking. The Nokker on Kahaku’s arms tells the duo that if there is something that provokes Nokkers to attack, it is emotion. Elsewhere, Bon tricks Fushi into losing consciousness using chemicals which were once used to put Church of Bennett to sleep. Soon Fushi’s friends arrive in the room too and Bon talks directly to Kansatsusha about Nokkers.

Although Kansatsusha accepts that he can stop the oncoming battle, he refuses to do so as he feel that it will help Fushi in his spiritual growth. He then reveals that he wants Fushi to take his place once he ceases to exist. Just when he is explaining other things, Messer stabs him from behind, following which Kansatsusha disappears.

How Do Fushi And His Allies Prepare for the Nokker Attack?

After Kansatsusha escapes, the preparation for the battle with the Nokkers finally begins. As the first line of defense, the weapons are readied so that the Nokkers can be attacked as soon as they are seen approaching the city of Renril. Rations are also prepared so that there is no shortage of food during the battle and the soldiers can fight as long as possible. Pocoa addresses the men from Uralis Kingdom and informs them that their job will be to protect the non-combatants.

Soon afterward, the refugees along with Pocoa and others return to Uralis. Fushi is concerned about the well-being of Bon, Messer, Kai, and Hairo. Therefore, he advises them to go to Uralis as well since he is not sure how many people he would be able to protect during the battle. Although they understand his concerns, the four of them refuse to leave and decide to be with Fushi throughout the battle. With the Nokker attack just one day away, Fushi proposes the creation of a distress signal, so that he can help those whose lives are in danger.

Bon suggests that they can knock on the floor when in danger. But when the situation is really life-threatening and they need urgent help, they can knock more than thrice to call Fushi. Everyone likes the simple idea and Fushi asks that the soldiers are informed about it as well. Meanwhile, Ecko sits on the topmost place in the castle, presumably waiting for the first sign of Nokkers’ arrival.

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