To Your Eternity Season 2 Finale Recap: What Happens to Fushi And His Friends?

In the twentieth episode of ‘To Your Eternity’ or ‘Fumetsu no Anata e’ season 2 titled ‘End of an era,’ the residents of Renril celebrate after successfully defending the city and defeating the Nokkers. Fushi promises to help everyone achieve their dreams and opens up about his desire to spread his consciousness to fight the Nokkers and ensure world peace. Despite March’s protests, he goes into a long meditative state that lasts several decades.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Finale Recap

After fighting an intense war that lasts for a long time, the citizens of Renril are thrilled to learn that the dark days are finally over when Fushi and his friends manage to defeat the Nokkers. While people are glad to reunite with the soldiers that have been fighting on the frontline, Fushi has a discussion with his friends. He asks them about their dreams and in reply, most of them open up about personal desires that they wish to fulfill. Bon’s ghost is not impressed with their demands and argues that he would have wanted to establish world peace. That’s when others ask Fushi about his dream.

Although he is initially reluctant to talk, he then reveals that he now plans to expand his consciousness all over the world so that he could ensure peace. Fushi feels that none of his friend’s dreams can truly turn out to be true if the world is in a state of constant chaos. When March realizes that this would mean that Fushi will have to part ways with her and others, she can’t stop her tears. The Beholder uses his powers to stop everyone, which allows Fushi to go into his meditative state. Meanwhile, Kamu and Gugu make sure that Fushi is safe when he is lost in expanding his consciousness.

Is Kahaku Dead? What Happens to Fushi And His Friends?

While Fushi is focused on expanding his consciousness, the Bennett extremists learn that he is living in Renril. That’s when they decide that they must eliminate him as soon as possible and put an end to the wickedness that he is spreading. Interestingly, that’s when Kahaku meets these extremists and offers them his help. The determined men then melt as much iron as possible to carry out the attack they have planned. One of these extremists talks to Kahaku when the preparations are still going on and learn that he has left the Guardians and is prepared to die for the cause that he now believes in. While he is observing the huge furnace that is melting the iron, one of the extremists pushes him from behind.

Kahaku recalls how he was deemed unworthy of being Hayase’s sixth successor because of his gender. However, he promised his elders that he will spend all his life proving his conviction and showing that he is worthy of the responsibility that is endowed on him by virtue of his birth. In the present day, the Nokker on Kahaku’s arm manages to stop his free fall into the molten iron by extending his hand. But Kahaku no longer wants to live and after announcing that he loves Fushi, he simply cuts his arms off and dies on the spot. Despite being in a state of spread-out consciousness, Fushi can still instantly realize when someone close to him dies. In the following years, Tonari continues to write books on him while the anti-Fushi faction continues to be quite active. But the goal to achieve peace and ensure that there is no suffering is no easy task.

This is why Fushi is lost in his meditative state for decades. In the meantime, his friends grow old and start dying one after another. Messer passes away early because of his poor lifestyle and an overdose. Tonari dies at a very old age surrounded by Sandel’s descendants. After being revived, Bon leads a peaceful life as the king’s right-hand man. He also dies peacefully with his loved ones at his bedside. Gugu spent all his life helping others but when the injuries caused while fighting the anti-Fushi faction threatened to take his life, he chose to die peacefully in the same manner as March. In the meantime, Fushi is still lost in his meditative state, hoping to one day revive his friends as the threat of Nokkers ends.

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