Todd Tilghman on The Voice: All You Need to Know

‘The Voice’ Season 18 has proven that talents can come from anywhere. Todd Tilghman has been stealing the show in the latest installment of the NBC series. Now that we are headed to the finale, it remains to be seen if Todd can win the grand prize. The latest season has seen some ups and downs, including performers singing from their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That said, you might be curious to know more about Todd. We have all the details here, but first, let us tell you a bit about him. Notably, Todd doesn’t seem to have sung anywhere outside the church. When he managed to amaze the panelists in the auditions, they all turned their chairs, and he even got a standing ovation. Although the mentors tried to get Todd on their teams, he went with Shelton for his ‘relatable personality.’ Now, let us tell you about the participant.

Where is Todd Tilghman From?

Todd Tilghman is an American who hails from Meridian, Mississippi. The pentecostal native is the first church pastor in the history of the show. He seems to enjoy runs at the Bonita Lakes Park and continues to go running during the coronavirus pandemic. Check out his picture below.

Todd performed at the Temple Theater during the auditions for ‘The Voice.’ Check out a picture of Todd at the historic Mississippi theater.

How Old is Todd Tilghman?

Todd celebrates his birthday on January 3rd. Since he was born in 1978, Todd is currently 42 years old as of 2020. Now, he is the pastor at the Cornerstone Chruch.

Is Todd Tilghman Married?

Yes, Tilghman has been married for 21 years. His wife’s name is Brooke. She’s the director at Farmasi and the Exclusive Educator at Bo Stegall The Collection. Brooke’s birthday is in February, and Todd’s love for his wife is apparent in the birthday message he’s shared, thanking everyone for their wishes.

Who is in Todd Tilghman’s Family?

Todd’s family is rather large. He has jokingly said that his wife wanted three kids, and he wanted two, so they settled on eight. Todd and Brooke had three sons before they decided to adopt. In 2010, they flew to Korea and met Judah. There was an instant connection with the child, and the family decided to welcome her as their daughter. The agency soon reached out to them, saying that Judah had a sister born from the same biological mother. Todd and Brooke weren’t going to separate the siblings.

After that, they had three more kids. The family also has adorable pets, as you can see from this perfect photo on their porch.

Todd was born to Larence Tilghman and Petty Tilghman, his father, and his mother, respectively. Todd also has a sister named Holly. She works as a beauty consultant in Farmasi and is also a distributor at Young Living Essential Oils. You can check out a picture of Todd with his family on Mother’s Day.

One thing is for sure; Todd enjoys the love and support of his family throughout the competition. Topping it off, he has a beautiful singing voice and can infuse his performances with emotion. Undoubtedly, it has been a pleasure to have Todd in the latest season of ‘The Voice.’

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