Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Finale Recap: Does Takemichi and His Friends Defeat Tenjiku?

In the thirteenth episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 or ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘ Takemichi returns to the past and struggles to reconcile with the fact that Mikey died in his arms and he eventually ended up killing everyone. He shares his traumatic experiences with Chifuyu and the two friends try to figure out reasons for the strange incidents in the future. While Takemichi eventually arrives at a hilarious solution for the problem, things spiral out of control when a gang named Tenjiku starts attacking Tonman members out of the blue.

Takemichi Vows to Stop Mikey

After watching Mikey slowly die in his arms, Takemichi returns to the past and immediately starts working hard to become stronger. He is emotional but desperately wants to acquire enough power so that he can save everyone. When Chifuyu notices his friend hitting a tire relentlessly in the rainy weather, he naturally gets curious and approaches him to learn what had happened. Takemichi reveals the truth after which even Chifuyu struggles to understand what drove Mikey to take such drastic steps. Meanwhile, Takemichi has made up his mind he wants to become the leader of the Toman gang so that he can stop Mikey.

Later at the public bathhouse, the two friends speculate reasons for Mikey’s strange behavior. They arrive at the conclusion that there is a chance that Kisaki’s expulsion from Toman may have something to do with the whole thing. Later Takemichi tells Chifuyu that he has figured out a way to become more powerful and eventually lead Toman. He reveals his plans to take down the Yokohama gang to grow his stature in Toman. Unfortunately for Takemichi, Chifuyu finds his idea quite amusing and simply walks away unwilling to help him in any manner.

The two friends are clueless that a Yokohama gang named Tenjiku has already started attacking Toman members. It turns out that they took such drastic steps soon after Kisaki’s decision to join them, who was planning to take some sort of revenge. Tenjiku members have already beaten up Akkun and others and as soon as they learn that Takemichi knows them, they try to beat him up too. Luckily, Chifuyu comes to their rescue and starts fighting Tenjiku members on his own and asks his friends to flee for their lives.

Does Takemichi and His Friends Defeat Tenjiku? What Happens to Chifuyu?

After escaping from the backdoor of the school, Takemichi and his friends are desperate to run as far as possible to save themselves. When Kazushi inquires about Chifuyu, Takemichi explains that he decided to stay behind to fight the hoodlums who have attacked them. That’s when Kazushi reveals that the attackers are from a gang called Tenjiku and they have decided to corner Toman members to beat them up. As if this revelation was not bad enough, when Akkun regains consciousness he then tells Takemichi that there are 300 Tenjiku members in Tokyo right now.

This naturally worried Takemichi about Chifuyu, who had decided to fight the ruthless gang on his own. He then tells Akkun and others to continue running while he himself runs back to help his close friend. But he has barely reached far when he gets knocked down by one of the Tenjiku members. Since he is all alone, the gang starts beating him up, but luckily Akkun and others have not fled despite Takemichi’s orders. They come to his rescue and vow to fight with him.

Although Takemichi and his friend show a lot of courage to fight the Tenjiku gang, they are eventually beaten up to the point that they could barely stand up on their feet. As if this was not bad enough, Takemichi is shocked to see Kisaki approaching him while he lay on the ground barely able to be in his senses. Kisaki refers to him as the hero, leaving him with more questions than ever before. Although the episode ends there, we know from the manga that Kisaki does not hang around for long and leaves soon afterward. Takemichi is reunited with Chifuyu and the Twin Devils come to their rescue.

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