Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 7 Recap: Junichiro’s Promise

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 7 titled ‘Junichiro’s Promise & When Tomo Puts On a Swimsuit…’ Junichirou recalls meeting Tomo when the two of them were young and making a promise that he is yet to fulfill. In the present day, when the titular protagonist goes shopping with Misuzu and Carol, the two of them come up with an interesting plan to bring Tomo and Junichirou closer. The beach trip that they take the following day, changes the way Junichirou looks at her childhood friend.

Tomo Goes Shopping With Carol and Misuzu

When Junichirou was very young, he moved from Tokyo to the small city where the titular protagonist lived. He was playing video games on a console when she climbed up the exterior wall behind his lawn and saw Junichirou for the first time. Tomo was quick to talk to him and was quite excited when she learned that he came from Tokyo, a town with big buildings and robots. Unfortunately, when she was checking her video game console, Tomo ended up accidentally breaking it. She regretted her actions and apologized profusely.

Later when Junichirou met Gorou Aizawa, he also made sure that he apologized to him for her daughter’s action. Junichirou was quite surprised to see someone like Gorou humbly bowing in front of him and expressing his regret for the accident. So when Tomo asked to become his friend, Junichirou immediately accepted her friendship. The two then started playing with each other and Tomo turned the quiet gamer boy into a more outgoing one who also became physically stronger.

Junichirou notices the changes in him and liked the impact Tomo was having on his life. When one day he was playing games on his console alone by the riverside, two bullies approached her. They supposedly beat him up and stole his console from him. When Tomo met him the following day, he lied to her about the incident but she somehow figured out what had happened. She got the console back from the bullies and tried to return it to Junichirou.

But he was tired of always taking Tomo’s help and it seemed that this incident hurt his ego. Therefore, he refused to take the console back from her and promised to take it back only when he became physically stronger than her. Now, nine years after the incident, the console was still with Tomo and she wondered why he never took it back, even when he was far stronger than her now.

Why is Junichirou Uncomfortable At the Beach With Tomo? Does Going to the Beach Change the Way He Sees His Childhood Friend?

One ordinary day, Junichirou goes to the beach with Misuzu, Tomo, and Carol unknownst of the fact that the short trip will change the way he looks at his childhood friend. Carol has put this idea in Misuzu’s mind that taking both of them to the beach will be a great idea. After arriving at the beach, the three friends change into a swimsuit. While Misuzu and Carol are comfortable wearing the clothes, Tomo could not gather the courage to stand in front of Junichirou wearing a bikini.

When she does not come out of the changing room, Junichirou enters and simply removes the hoodie she is wearing. He is shocked to see Tomo’s surprisingly hot figure and instinctively becomes very shy. While Carol and Tomo then go to play in the water, Junichirou just sits back and watches with Misuzu, who is quietly noticing everything. When Tomo and Misuzu later drag him with them to the water, they do not realize that they are making Junichirou uncomfortable by being too physically close to him.

Junichirou has never seen Tomo in a swimsuit, so watching her like that just changes his perspective in unthinkable ways. He becomes extra protective of her so when boys approach her, he makes sure that he pushes them away. Meanwhile, Tomo also struggles to keep her jealousy in check when Carol gets too close to Junichirou in her swimsuit. When they are going back home, Misuzu is confident that Junichirou no longer sees Tomo only as a girl now and will probably not treat her like his other male friends anymore.

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