Tomo-chan Is a Girl Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 13 titled ‘To Stay by Your Side…’ the titular protagonist goes to watch a film with Junichirou after she is advised by Misuzu and Carol. They visit Jun’s house after the theater, where Tomo learns that her father has told her crush that she will let the duo date only after he manages to defeat him in a fight. Tomo is naturally furious to learn this and has an altercation with Mr. Aizawa. Meanwhile, Junichirou is still contemplating his choices and eventually ends up making a brave decision.

Tomo and Junichirou Go On a Date

Misuzu and Carol suggest to Tomo that she goes to the theater with Junichirou so that the couple could share an intimate moment. After gathering enough courage, she asks Jun for a movie date. When the couple eventually gets to the theater, Tomo tells Junichirou that they should watch a romantic film with a very provocative poster. Although Jun is naturally nervous, he eventually goes to watch the movie where the duo feels awkward during the kissing scenes.

After the film, Tomo asks Junichirou to go to his house. When the duo eventually gets there, both of them feel quite nervous. Tomo eventually tells Junichirou that she wants to kiss him. That’s when Junichirou reveals that he has already met Tomo’s parents. While Mrs. Aizawa is okay with him dating her daughter, Mr. Aizawa wants Jun to beat him in a fight if he wants to be with her.

Do Tomo and Junichirou End Up Together?

After gathering all his courage, Junichirou heads to Mr. Aizawa’s dojo to challenge him to a fight. He notices that Gorou is looking away and tries to use that to his advantage to catch him off-guard. When he tries to punch him, Mr. Aizawa moves his head at the very last second and manages to avoid getting punched. Gorou then asks Junichirou what he was thinking and the latter immediately reminds him of the challenge that he gave a few days ago. Junichirou interestingly comes with Mrs. Aizawa, who is quite happy to lend her support to her daughter’s crush.

Meanwhile, Tomo is practicing mixed martial arts with Misaki. Since she is going too hard on him, he asks her to share whatever is bother her. When she tells him the whole story, Tomo learns that her senpai actually knew that Junichirou was planning to challenge Mr. Aizawa. Misaki points out that she is the one who knows better than anyone else how to help Jun the most. This advice is enough to give Tomo an epiphany and she immediately rushes to her father’s dojo to give Junichirou all the support he may need.

By the time Tomo reaches there, Gorou has brutally beaten up Junichirou. He is completely exhausted but adamant that he won’t give up. When he notices Tomo there, he is quite surprised. Meanwhile, Tomo has her own thoughts on the whole drama and asks for the opportunity to fight in place of Junichirou since she believes that the two of them are in this together. Naturally, Jun does not allow her to do that and asks to go for one more round against Mr. Aizawa.

Junichirou knows that Gorou is concerned for Tomo since he knows that she is the kind of person to put her own life on the line to save others. In such a scenario, he wants the type of guy to be at her side, who is also willing to go that far. Junichirou knows his limits and is aware that he is not as brave as Tomo to put his own life on the line for some stranger. However, he is also aware of the fact that if Tomo was under threat, he would happily put himself in danger to protect her.

Mr. Aizawa’s challenge to Junichirou was to test his resolve for Tomo. Since he now understood this, he was even more determined to not give up and continue fighting. In the final round, he eventually found an opening and punched Gorou in the face. This was enough for Mrs. Aizawa to declare Jun the winner after which Gorou also accepted the defeat. Later that day, Junichirou confessed his love to Tomo and asked her to be his girlfriend. Tomo was a bit furious that he didn’t let him do it first and eventually ended up kissing him.

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